Indoor LED Video Wall With 3D content, A Moving Digital Work of Art

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:

86D Vel á zquez Building is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the "Golden Mile" in the downtown business district of Madrid. It is owned by Colonial and has completed an ambitious and elegant transformation process of Prime Executive: this is a new and outstanding modern high-rise office category, and digital content and indoor LED video wall are particularly prominent in its main reception. This is an exclusive office building complex, the building has more than 2000 square meters of bright floors, which is unusual in the area.


In order to realize this indoor LED display screen project, Colonial has made an important cooperation with its partner Milestrong, which took over the project from the conceptualization, design, supply and implementation of LED technology, as well as all necessary facilities and structures. In this digital art space in the reception area of the building, a large indoor LED video wall display screen with a total display area of more than 45 square meters is installed. The pixel spacing is P2.6, the resolution is close to 4K, and the image processing quality and color depth are very high. The new modern building is a unique, elegant, elite and highly designed space. Therefore, the focus of the project is to strengthen the main reception area where LED displays are located from the perspective of art, so as to have a significant impact on the space environment.



Mural Art and Digital Content Exhibition With Indoor LED Video Wall


In this unique office building, the main hall is designed with an immersive experience, making it a space full of emotion and feeling. The foundation of digital movement is to convert indoor LED video wall screen into artwork. A vivid, modern and dynamic digital painting, showing different digital art contents that attract tourists and tenants. This unique project is a challenge at all stages: creation and conception of creativity and design, different themes of the same wire, creation of sketches and 3D content, and processing of documents. An amazing mix of design, art and audio-visual technology as the protagonist.


The indoor LED video wall becomes a mobile digital art work. We have created multiple 3D content clips to transmit us to other worlds through the screen. By the way, you may want to know what products we use to complete this project, we are so proud to recommend our indoor LED display MS series products, it can support split screen multi screen display, which also have clear image quality, high brightness and contrast, good color saturation.