U-shaped Lobby LED Wall Enriches the Charm of Landmark Building

  • Date:2023-12-27
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U-shaped Lobby LED Wall Enriches the Charm of Landmark Building

DAU, the landmark building owned by Colonial, is located in one of the most international areas of Barcelona's Diagonal Avenue 609-615. It is an area integrating commercial and financial activities and has been thoroughly renovated. This is an exclusive rental office complex, famous for its conventional architectural lines, high-end materials and high-quality finishes.


This is an inspiring space to attract tourists and employees, and pay tribute to climate change. It is designed by the architect Octavio Mestre. The interior design comes from the G á rna studio, where LED technology and digital content play a key role, making the reception of the building full of personality. The purpose of this comprehensive work is to provide new, more modern and adaptable space for architecture. In this reform, a more spectacular and different space has been created. Digital elements and lobby LED wall have played a special role in the hall.


The project is led by TMT Factory. The design and implementation of TMT Factory benefit from the important cooperation of its partner Milestrong group, an expert in LED indoor, outdoor and customized LED solutions. Milestrong has been engaged in lobby LED wall projects, manufacturing, supply and installation, as well as all necessary facilities and structures. The total screen area exceeds 80 square meters, the resolution is far more than 4K, and the image processing quality and color depth are very high.


In addition, the lobby LED wall project is also designed as the digital art space of the building hall, which uses the installation of LED screens to submerge the spectacular content. Geometry or particles, big data, earth images and places unsuitable for living, shocking weather events, etc. are all accompanied by changes in speed and motion, making them the overall visual experience of users. One of the highlights of these contents on the hall screen is the respect for climate change.


Milestrong serves this lobby LED wall project and shows one of the various applications and possibilities of LED technology in the enterprise space, thus creating a unique and unforgettable experience.