22m High Transparent Cylinder LED Display in the Mediterranean

  • Date:2023-12-27
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 Benidorm is famous as one of the most popular tourist cities in the Mediterranean, with magnificent skyscrapers and paradise like beaches. With the renovation of Mediterranean Avenue, a new digital transparent LED display arrived in Costa Branca this year on a major tourist and commercial road. This is one of the most innovative digital elements in Europe: Tecnohito, a cylinder LED display with an area of more than 300 square meters. This 22 meter high new digital city icon will be used for advertising, institutional activities and live performances, as well as other audio-visual content/activities.



The purpose of the comprehensive transformation of Mediterranean Avenue is to transform Benidorm into a sustainable and multi-functional urban space. These cylinder LED displays are designed to improve people's experience and create a unique, avant-garde and technical environment in Benidorm. In addition, Tecnohito will serve as a lookout, because you can visit and enjoy the panoramic view of the city from Las Pania Square, thus becoming a new tourist attraction in Benidorm. The marketing of Tecnohito advertising space and the management of Tecnoparada information content will be led by Spain's leading external digital advertising company External Communication Plus. The opening ceremony of Tennohito in Benidorm became a festival celebrating the European TV Festival in Europe, which was broadcast internationally in the Hispanic Square. In addition, there is a stage at the foot of Tecnohito, where some semi-finals and finalists perform at the Benidorm Festival. We can also see the first batch of outdoor advertisements, such as Visit Benidorm, FCC and McDonald's.



A great construction project and one of the largest cylinder LED display projects in Europe


The supporting structure is a real engineering structure, which is composed of a modular LED mesh screen wall system. Because of its high transparency (75%), it greatly reduces the weight and has no wind barriers, thus improving the visibility and integration of the structure.


The magnificent cylinder LED display screen is 22 meters high, with a total display area of more than 300 square meters, and adopts the transparent LED mesh screen format with 16 mm/32 mm pixel pitch. In addition, it has a fully adjustable brightness of up to 6500 nits, which can display content perfectly during the day and night. The cylinder LED display screen plays content from 8:00 a.m. to 00:00 a.m., and Technopad plays content from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Have specific night content to avoid dazzling or disturbing neighbors. In summer, these spaces produce about 1.5 million impacts per week.


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