Tall Indoor Transparent Adhesive LED Display Screen Installed on the Glass Facade

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:

A true masterpiece digital transparent adhesive LED display installed in a large shopping mall in Sydney! This unique 31m high digital LED column was installed on the glass facade of the elevator shaft.


This project adopt transparent adhesive LED display STF series, as you can see, the LED advertising screen of the sightseeing elevator is very conspicuous. Our  transparent adhesive LED display screen is applied in this scene, with high light transmittance, hidden wiring design, 31 meters without keel, and good display effect. The application of Milestrong transparent adhesive screen seems to put a thin gauze on the sightseeing elevator, creating a dreamy and hazy artistic atmosphere.


There are many ways to display print advertisements, including elevator advertisements. Especially for the sightseeing elevator in the shopping mall, because of its eye-catching location, and people are usually in a state of empty consciousness when waiting for the elevator, if the visual impact of the advertisement is strong, the advertising effect is absolutely good, and it is difficult to catch the eyes of consumers. The application of transparent adhesive LED display screen in the sightseeing elevator not only improves the commercial value of the sightseeing elevator, but also makes it interesting and fun.


The LED transparent screen breaks the limitations of the traditional screen. The transparent screen is used on the sightseeing elevator. The screen can be easily integrated with the glass, without radiation, without affecting the lighting and line of sight, and is safe and stable. Moreover, the application of the transparent screen has transformed the transparent glass of the sightseeing elevator into a large screen of advertising media, which has become a beautiful scenery in the business circle.


As a first-class transparent LED screen manufacturer in China, Milestrong will provide the most suitable customized solutions according to your needs, site environment, installation location, etc. If you have any questions, please be free to contact us!

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