27.5㎡ Oversized Fine Pitch LED Display for Conference Room

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:

In many large conference room occasions, its back wall is usually installed a set of oversized display large screen, generally used to display the meeting content, data analysis, video conferencing and other information, the computer signal is put on the large screen. Let the personnel involved in the meeting can see, this is also a more common meeting needs, then, this oversized display screen program how to design it?


This case is our customized ultra-thin fine pitch LED display for conference room, using wall mounted, ultra-thin case does not take up any space, it also has the following 3 features.


1. High Resolution, Clear Display

Although the resolution of the fine pitch LED display is not as high as that of the LCD screen, due to the long viewing distance of this conference room project, the impact of the resolution is not a key element, so we use the P1.95mm, which also meets the customer's needs well.


2. High Brightness, Adjustable

As this project is in the conference room, we adopt fine pitch LED display MS series with adjustable high brightness. In the case of better lighting, in order to increase the brightness of the screen to ensure normal display, will increase the brightness of the screen, if the indoor light is normal, in order to keep the screen from blinding, you can also reduce the brightness, more flexible and comfortable to use.


3. Seamless Display

The composition of the small pitch LED display unit module, which is distributed with a varying number of LED beads, does not require a border wrap over, so it is without any border after splicing, the integrity of the entire screen is better, especially in the full screen display, there is no sense of splitting the picture.


4. GOB Technology, Large View Angle

The customer has put forward higher requirements for the application of small pitch display in this conference room, so we have adopted GOB technology in this solution.


GOB technology (glue on board, used to obtain high-protection LED display) can well solve the problems of weather resistance, moisture-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, impact-proof, bump-proof, anti-static, anti-oxidation, lamp bead heat dissipation, anti-blue light radiation, anti-UV, etc. It can also realize the transformation from point light source to surface light source, the product's luminescence is more uniform, significantly improve the product's view angle (horizontal view angle and vertical view angle can reach nearly 180 degrees), and effectively eliminate moiré. Due to the matte effect and improve the contrast of the product, reduce glare and blinding sensation, reduce visual fatigue, and make effective protection for the safety and health of users.

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