STS holographic projection equipment. Holographic projection devices use holographic screen technology to project images into the air, creating a three-dimensional effect that appears to be suspended in the air. Very thin and transparent, this device is often used for display and demonstration, and can produce eye-catching results in a variety of occasions.
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    Product ModelSTS 1STS 2STS 3STS 5STS 8STS 10STS 15
    Pixel Pitch (mm)1.9x3.92.8x5.63.9x7.85.2x10.47.8x7.810.4x10.415.625x15.625
    Pixel Density (dots/㎡)129,02461,95232,76818x43216,3849,2164,096
    Module Resolution (dots)256x16176x22128x1696x1264x1648x1232x8
    Cabinet Resolution (dots)504x128353x88256x64192x48128x6496x4864x32
    Brightness (nits)800~4500800~5500800~5500800~5500800~5500800~6500800~6500
    Power RequirementsAC220V±10%; 50Hz
    Power ConsumptionMax: 800W/㎡; Avg: 260W/㎡
    Refresh Rate1920/3840Hz
    Operating Temperature-10℃~45℃
    Weight 7kg/㎡
    Cabinet Size1000*500mm

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