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STJ Series Design

STJ (8/10/16/20/30/40/50)

PET CCL, Cu/PET/Cu film is an adhesiveless double-sided (D/S) copper clad laminate, using PET film and sputtering with electroplating Cu Plating on both sides. Cu/PET/Cu films are designed for a wide variety of flexible cables and LED packaging substrates applications which require advanced material performance, temperature resistance, fine pitch, and high reliability.


STJ Series Design

In the booming glass LED screen industry, the transparency is the most important factor for windows, this is why most of manufacturers try to make the highest transparency,Milestrong invisible PCB technology came out after many years development, this new technology not only expand the transparency rate up to 95%, but also can be made for any custom projects with soft PCB technology, you can also cut the size of film as you wanted easily

STJ Series Features

High transparency (95%) allows glass to be visible even after film sticking, without adverse effects on the original design

Perfect Imaging

Transparent film LED crystal film screen, witness the power of new materials!

Slim And Light Weight

The thickness is only 1.2mm, each 500*500mm weights 0.3kgs, the lightest LED display in the world.

Invisible PCB Technology

Thanks to the invisible PCB advanced technology, the transparency rating of film is up to 95%,you even can not see the PCB wires inside of film, when the film LED screen is turned off, it is same like a window glass.

Breakpoint Continuation

The combination of light and drive, independent research and development, high reliability, industry leading

Self-developed glue filling process (the screen body with its own viscosity can be directlyattached to the glass surface, with strong colloid adsorption, and the viscosity will also increasewith the passage of time due to the inherent characteristics of the colloid)

Flame Retardant And UV Resistant

Pictures Of Glass Curtain Wall

Application Scenario – Retail Store

Transparent LED display is a new type of display technology with high transparency, vivid colors and high brightness. In stores, transparent LED displays can be applied to store glass windows to attract customers’ attention and improve the brand image of the store.We propose a transparent LED display in the store glass window application scheme. The solution uses transparent LED displays installed on store glass windows to facilitate stores to display advertising messages and attract customers’ attention without taking up large areas of space.

Application Scenario – Glass Guardrail

In shopping malls, transparent LED displays can be applied to the glass parapets of shopping malls to attract customers’ attention and improve the brand image.We propose an application scheme of transparent LED display in the glass guardrail of shopping mall. The scheme uses a transparent LED display mounted on the glass guardrail in order to display advertising messages and attract customers’ attention without taking up a large area of space. 

Easy To Use

Product Characteristics

◇ Excellent dimensional stability
◇ Excellent flexibility
◇ High Peel Strength after thermal and chemical treatment
◇ Finer line etching capability
◇ Excellent chemical durability




Product Model STJ 10 STJ 20 STJ 25 STJ 30 STJ 40 STJ 50 STJ 60 STJ 50-100 STJ 100
Pixel Pitch(mm) 10×10 20×20 25×25 30×30 40×40 50×50 60×60 50×100 100×100
Module Size(mm) 1200×240 1200×240 1000×400 1200×480 1200×480 1000×400 1200×480 1000×500 1000×500
Pixel Density(pixel/m²) 10,000 2,500 1,600 1,100 625 400 280 200 100
Color 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Optimum Viewing Distance 10~100m 20~200m 25~250m 30~300m 40~400m 50~500m 60~600m 50~600m 100~1000m
Transparency 70% 85% 88% 90% 90% 90% 92% 95% 98%
Color Temperature(K) 3000-10,000
Viewing angle(W/H) 160
Contrast Ratio 5000
Refresh Rate(Hz) 1920
Frame Rate 50/60hz
Power Consumption(W/m²) Max: 600; Avg: 150
Service Access Front & Rear
Lifetime(Hrs) 100,000
Working Temperature -20℃~55℃
Working Humidit(%) 10~90


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