Why has the outdoor LED display always paid great attention to waterproof function

  • Date:2024-06-04
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Outdoor LED display, often have to face the environment is relatively harsh, such as rainy weather, snow weather, high temperature weather, and all kinds of dust and so on. If he does not have a good waterproof and dustproof ability, then the life of this LED display will be greatly reduced.
If the outdoor LED display is not waterproof and dustproof, it will face the following serious problems, such as:
1. Shortened life span
If the rain on a rainy day, if the water after the snow melts into the interior of the LED display, it will lead to damage to the circuit board, which will lead to shortened service life of the adjustment.
2, the visual effect is seriously damaged
Outdoor LED display is the pursuit of vision, LED lamp beads if you do not do a good job of waterproof and dustproof work, then its luminous brightness, color will have problems, which will lead to very poor visual effect.
3. Security issues
Any electronic equipment, if there is a damp short circuit, it is a very serious matter, we also know that if the electronic products short circuit, it will cause a fire. This is why milestong has always been so focused on the importance of safety and water resistance.

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To this end, Milestrong has a deep understanding and research on water and dust resistance in LED display. Better water and dust resistance than the lp86 has also been Milestrong's efforts and pursuit.