4K Indoor Conference Room LED Video Wall

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Conference room LED video wall project description:


There are many problems in traditional conference room LED wall displays.


DLP projection has blurred display, low brightness and black meeting when the light is turned off. The display content is limited and the display effect is poor, Poor color gamut, white screen, poor color performance; Easy to be covered.


The LCD splicing screen has large LCD splicing gap, resulting in image cutting, poor display effect and poor gray level, the response speed is slow, and the dynamic picture has smear; Low space utilization.


In order to solve the above problems, improve the conference efficiency and make the conference more intelligent and energy-saving, the conference room LED video wall needs ultra-high definition image quality, simple operation, high processing of documents, high synchronization, multi scene application, multi screen interaction and other functions to meet the needs of daily meetings.


Our conference room LED video wall adopts HD small pixel pitch LED display, modular design of the unit, and the whole screen is truly seamless. High refresh rate and good uniformity, significantly improving visual comfort. Low brightness and high gray, to solve the technical problem of industrial brightness adjustment loss gray. Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatic adaptation to the environment, meeting 7 x 24-hour viewing is not dazzling, which solves the problems of poor color performance and poor display effect of the LED display screen in the conference room, and presents ultra clear and perfect image quality. The ultra-thin box unit design saves a lot of space, efficient heat dissipation, zero noise, and provides a perfect meeting environment.


Conference room LED video wall functions


1. Multiple windows are displayed on one screen, and up to 32 windows are supported.


2. Standard 2k and 4K resolution.


3. Automatic brightness adjustment.


4. The first multi-stage assembly, convenient installation and repeated disassembly.


5. One button screen projection, zero layout, plug and play.


6. Multi screen interaction and writing.


7. Full front maintenance, modules can be interchanged freely.


8. Multi scene application.


9. The upper and lower cooling holes guide the flow, with balanced heat dissipation and higher efficiency


10. Support external connection video conference system


Conference room LED video wall system advantages:


1. Image optimization processing technology: high refresh rate, low brightness and high gray level, intelligent brightness adjustment, optical watermark single point color correction.


2. Professional structure design: high precision, flexible maintenance, zero noise and low cost.


3. Safety design: backup power supply mode and backup communication system.