P2.5 Indoor Fixed Exhibition Hall LED Display In KSA

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:


The exhibition hall LED display is to tell the story clearly in an appropriate way on the premise of attracting eyeballs and gathering people. In addition to the physical display, it also involves animation, video, pictures and other forms of expression. At this time, the display equipment is more important. The clear picture display can not only more intuitively feel the display objects, but also make the viewers feel more satisfied. Therefore, the LED display used to display animation and video in the exhibition hall is characterized by high definition, In order to meet the demand for clear display of the exhibition hall.


It is precisely because exhibition hall LED display needs to meet the demand of clear display effect, so the small pixel pitch LED display screen has become the first choice of all major exhibition halls with its characteristics of high brightness, high contrast and high definition. It can not only fully meet the display requirements of all major exhibition halls, but also has a high refresh rate, and the display screen is more clear, delicate and separable; Moreover, the viewing angle is 160 °, which can realize various high-definition video playback, 360 ° analog product display, and support various business demonstrations.


This project is the exhibition hall LED display screen designed by us for KSA customers. It adopts indoor small pixel pitch MT series products, 64 scan and high-performance driving IC. The playing picture is stable without ripple and black screen, which effectively solves the tailing and blurring problems in the process of rapid image movement, with wide color gamut, high color restoration and constant brightness.


The MT series of small pixel pitch LED display screen products are well received in the exhibition hall field, and many classic cases have been successfully created. It not only enhances the sense of science and technology and the sense of future in the exhibition hall, but also improves the exhibition effect of the exhibition hall. It is also a manifestation of the soft power of enterprises and governments, and is loved by government agencies, museums, convention and exhibition centers, enterprises and other halls and exhibition halls.