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We have all the solutions for LED displays here! In this post, we focus on naked eye 3D LED displays for you.

What is Naked Eye 3D LED Display?

Naked eye 3D refers to the technology that can achieve stereoscopic visual effects without the use of external tools. The emergence of this technology has eclipsed all other LED screens, and at a time when the ads of new media are increasing in attraction, print media advertising is experiencing an incredible reverse flow. As a result, major shopping malls began to tap the “gold potential” of 3D advertising screens.

The technology used in naked-eye 3D can be traced back to the Renaissance “anamorphosis”.
Visual illusion is simply a method of expanding and confusing spatial perception with perspective painting. Anamorphosis is a distorted projection that requires the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point and view a recognizable image using a special device or both.

The 3D naked eye video technology that is widely available today actually uses the Parallax barrier technology in optical illusion.

Parallax barrier is a device technology that is placed in front of an image source (e.g. LCD screen).
When we view a picture, our left eye and right eye receive different images, and the images received by the left and right eyes are eventually imaged in our brain.

Naked Eye 3D principle

And parallax barrier technology (Parallax barrier) is actually flexible to the use of: our left and right eyes in the visual barrier inconsistency.
Located in front of a normal screen, it consists of an opaque layer and a series of precisely spaced slits that allow each eye to see a different set of pixels, thus creating a sense of depth through parallax.

What’s the Difference Between Conventional LED display and 3D LED Display?

Refresh rate

* From the perspective of LED display driver chip, outdoor 3D LED display, no matter day and night will be a hot spot to attract people's attention and camera shooting, so the hardware configuration should be paired with a driver chip that supports high gray scale with excellent very low gray, 3840 Hz high refresh rate, HDR high dynamic contrast ratio and low power consumption to present realistic and shocking 3D anthropomorphic images.

* The conventional display has no rigid requirements for resolution.

Visual effect

* Conventional LED displays are flat and two-dimensional, and they cannot provide a three-dimensional sense.

* The 3D LED display is usually presented in a 90 degree right angle arc installation, to achieve non-two-dimensional display surface. The arc of this part of the product (PCB, module, cabinet) is custom made.

Video content

* Traditional LED displays do not require custom video. They can display static images, text and animation.

* 3D display video requires the construction of three dimensions based on the perspective relationship of the display shape(Resolution point-to-point customization, Curved structure design, Achieving a realistic naked eye 3D impact).

If you want to create a realistic 3D effect on an LED display, you must have three-dimensional information about it. You need to know how far away each pixel is from the viewer’s eyes, as well as what angle each pixel should be viewed from. An image with no depth information will look flat, but adding depth will make it appear as though things are farther away or closer to you than they really are.


*Compared with ordinary LED displays, the Naked eye 3D LED screens need corresponding cost will be higher than ordinary displays.

*Naked eye 3D LED screens need to adapt to specific installation scenarios, there are some features of custom development. The goal is to provide customers with the perfect solution and the optimal viewing experience.

How to make and design Naked Eye 3D LED Display?

Indoor column screen display - Naked eye 3D LED display
Indoor column screen display - Naked eye 3D LED display

Indoor column screen display

8K Ultra HD Screen + Special 3D Video + Curved Right Angle Display

Conventional Display - Naked eye 3D

Conventional Display

Small Pixel Pitch Screen + High Refresh Rate up to 3840Hz ( Indoor & Outdoor LED Display) + Special 3D Video + Seamless Splicing

Conventional Display - Naked eye 3D

I think you must have found it: Special 3D Video

Closely related to this kind of naked eye 3D is still the design and processing of video material. First of all, the material resolution should be customized point to point. After the main perspective is selected, 3D software is used to do 3D construction based on the perspective relationship of the display modeling. Use 3D software to build and simulate 3D perspective space, and with professional editing and rendering software to render 3D stereoscopic effect on the video material. Finally, professional multi-channel media broadcast control software and video server are used for decoding and playback to achieve the optimal presentation of spatial 3D dynamic effects.

The following is an example of the production of a four-fold curtain video clip:

Key Points for Making a Successful Outdoor Giant 3D Naked Eye Display

Naked eye 3D rendering

The advantages of naked eye 3D

Naked eye 3D industry market demand is gradually rising

In recent years, as the naked eye 3D technology has entered the maturity period, the number of patents has started to decline. But the technology application scene is gradually broadening, and it has been applied in shopping, advertising and so on. In the future, the application scenes of naked eye 3D will be further developed into many fields such as medical, education, tourism, etc.
In the next few years, the naked eye 3D industry will usher in a period of rapid development. With the innovation of technology, naked eye 3D may be the next generation of display leap, but also a trend.
Some institutions predict that the global 3D display shipments and market size will reach 280 million units and $83 billion in 2022. The future naked eye 3D market penetration rate will reach more than 50%.

City Landmark

The naked 3D screens in each city are transformed into the city’s landmarks because of their stunning visual effects. At the same time, more and more cities are integrating urban culture and creative content. Combine it with naked eye 3D screen to make a unique visual card of the city.

Social media explosion

The naked eye 3D advertisement is a spectacular visual and a surprising “visual trick”. Through the live video of visitors, it will spread virally on the Internet and generate attention. The massive online attention will bring you a huge amount of offline traffic.

Increase brand value

With these Naked Eye 3D LED Displays, you can spread your brand explosion. Not only do they catch eyeballs, but they can also increase brand value with artistic content.

Advertising revenue return

With these Naked Eye 3D LED Displays, you can spread your brand explosion. Not only do they catch eyeballs, but they can also increase brand value with artistic content.

Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Screen Case Study

Indoor naked eye 3D can be applied to the scene

Previously, the mainstream indoor naked-eye 3D solutions. Usually applied in large exhibition halls, museums. However, when the big guys think so, there are always some businessmen to catch the tourists’ eyes. Make their own shopping malls, clubs fame!

Through the composition of the video screen restructuring, the use of this seemingly distorted projection to create a true sense of naked eye 3D visual art expression. LED display is no longer limited to the rectangular square structure of the traditional flat screen, to have more imaginative space.

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