STP holographic projection equipment. Holographic projection devices use holographic screen technology to project images into the air, creating a three-dimensional effect that appears to be suspended in the air. With pulley at the bottom, easy to move. This device is commonly used for displays and demonstrations and can produce eye-catching results in a variety of occasions.

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    Product ModeSTP 1STP 2STP 3STP 5STP 8STP 10STP 15
    Pixel Pitch(mm)1.9*3.92.8*5.63.9*7.85.2*10.47.8*7.810.4*10.415.625*15.625
    Pixel Density(dot/m²)129,02461,95232,76818,43216,3849,2164,096
    Module Resolution(dots)252*16176*22128*1696*1264*1648*1232*8
    Cabinet Resolution(dots)504*128352*88256*64192*48128*6496*4864*32
    Power Requirements220V ± 10% ; AC 50 Hz
    Power ConsumptionMax: 800W/m ; Avg: 260W/m²
    Refresh Rate≥3840 Hz
    Operating Temperature-40℃~70℃(customized)
    WeightIncluding standing base, 30kg for 2sqm display or 45kg for 4sqm display
    Display Size1000*2000*500mm

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