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STA Series Design

STA(3.91 )

STA series design is a high tech type of LED display, it can work in large area and normally is build with processed glass. Transparent LED Screen also named as Transparent led video panel or Glass panel Display, it means any physical product to show video which your eyes can through the content inside of product.


Front and Rear Maintenance
Our See Through LED panel is the brightest and most versatile video display of its kind. This unique video panel solution has a front and rear viewing surface, creating unparalleled transparency and visibility to capture your audience’s attention. Ideal for window displays, semi-outdoor locations, glass enclosed buildings and more.

High Transparency
Our LED panel is a transparent display made with LEDs. 100% transparent when turned off, the LED panel delivers an unparalleled LED viewing experience while letting natural light through.

Good Advertising Effects
Innovative design and advanced software bring a new level of transparency to outdoor digital media, allowing an unbiased view through the screen.

Our see through LED panel offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers in a memorable and engaging way, whether it’s highlighting new products, telling your brand story in an entertaining way, or providing real-time sports statistics. Our cutting edge technology allows you to customize your content while making the most of your space.

Modular Design
The see through LED panel is a modular design, which can be configured in any combination. The panel has extremely high transparency of over 75%, which makes it ideal for use in retail stores, commercial spaces and any other location where a high level of transparency is required. It provides both outstanding visual performance with maximum flexibility.

High Performance
See through LED panel is a kind of design of panel and module structure, stylish and generous appearance, small size, large viewing angle, wide application range our products are sold in various countries and regions around the world.


Product Model STA3.91 Full Color Transparent LED Display
Type Item Technical Parameters
LED Lamp Lamps A3.91BQ
Pixel composition 1R1G1B Pixel packaging SMD1820
Primary color Test conditions Voltage Wavelength range Brightness range Remark
Red lamp(Reference) 15mA 2.0-2.6V 618-623nm 340-450mcd The wavelength and brightness of the tube core are typical values
Green lamp(Reference) 8mA 2.8-3.4V 520-525nm 650-850mcd  
Blue lamp(Reference) 5mA 2.8-3.4V 468-473nm 100-180mcd  
LED Module Module size 500mm*125mm*10mm
Resloution 128X16=2048
Pixel pitch 3.91mm
Physical density 32768dots/㎡
Modue current 6A±0.1A
Input voltage 4.8V-5.2V
Module power consumption 30W
Module weight 310g
Cabinet Parameter Box resolution (W x H) 256 pixels × 128 pixels
Module distribution (W x H) 2×8
Box size (width x Height x thickness) 1000mmX1000mm × 80mm
Cabinet weight 7.5Kg/ m ²
Installation mode Back frame installation / hoisting / inner arc installation
Screen Technical Parameters Physical density 32768 dots / M ²
brightness 600-800cd/ m ²
Horizontal view / vertical view 140°/140°
Transmittance ≥65%
Chromaticity uniformity ± 0.003 CX, within CY
Maximum contrast 3000:1
Degree of protection IP22
Maintenance mode Front and rear maintenance
System Technical Parameters Signal color processing bits Red, green and blue ≥ 16bit each
Driving mode Constant current drive
Frame change frequency 60 frame high brush supports 3D: 120 frames
Refresh rate Ordinary brush ≤ 1920hz, high brush ≤ 3840hz
Screen color temperature 3200K ~ 9500k adjustable
Brightness adjustment Manual / automatic / programmed control
Pixel correction Equipped with brightness and chroma point by point correction
control mode Synchronous control
Control distance Super category 5 twisted pair network cable, more than 100 meters, using optical fiber transmission
Software interface Windows XP /7/8/10
Signal input HDMI、DVI


STA Series(P3.91-8s) 4000~4500nits

STA Series(P3.91-16s) 600~800nits

STA Series(P3.91-16s) 1600~2100nits



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