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PR Series Design

PR (1.95/2.5/2.6/2.97/3.91/4.81)

PR Series Model 500*500mm box is mainly used for temporary stage, TV studio, nightclub and bar, theater, school, conference room, hotel, shopping center,activity, etc.


Ground Wall Interaction Function

The interaction between the ground and the wall can stimulate creativity and make users experience fun.The display unit can add a touch sensing module to sense the touch position and realize human screen interaction and ground screen interaction.

Product Features

We have integrated all functions in one(horizon, wall, screen and sky curtain) and the spacing of all modes is uniformlu defined. It supports dual card dual channel hardware backup, original interactive display version, cube display version and arc display version. Pioneering wireless communication technology eliminates the physical connection of signals.

PR Series Design

Screen Installation Effects 

01 Floor Screen Solution

For floor installation, it is necessare to install a fixed support, lay it on the ground, adjust it to the level of all supports, and then fix all screens on the support. The installation of ground screen is completed.

02 LED Wall Screen Solution

This scheme supports the fixing of the box on the wooden strength. First take out the module, fix all the boxes with self tapping screws, then restore and install all the modules on the display box, and the wall installation is completed.

PR Series Design


PR Series

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