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Why Is Transparent LED Wall Getting Popular in Urban Lighting?

Outside advertising has always been the most important form of marketing, the best way to do it is through LED displays. The LED display industry has shown remarkable growth in recent years. The development of LED display works has taken on a variety of forms. Transparent LED walls are the current trend in the LED display market. In the urban light setting, transparent LED walls are quickly gaining prominence. The reasons for its popularity will be discussed in this article.

More and more buildings in cities wear the clothing of transparent LED walls. 
Companies are always in search of a competitive advantage over their rivals. In the current market scenario, the transparent LED wall is providing that competitive edge to them. Everywhere we go these days, we see giant transparent LED walls hanging from every other building. The transparent LED wall is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the public. The transparency, invisible installation, and high brightness make the choice of every company to advertise their product. As a result, you see these giant LED walls everywhere you go.  


the transparent LED wall

Where can the transparent LED walls be seen?
As the name implies, a transparent LED wall is a sort of LED display that is crystal clear, similar to glass. You can see whatever is displayed on the screen as well as the background through it. Because of their advantages, transparent LED walls are being used in a variety of places. The following are three places where it is installed the most. 

1.Shopping mall
A Shopping mall is a place that is used by companies to advertise their products. The giant transparent LED walls are mounted on Atrium and glass windows. 

2.Glass curtain wall
A glass curtain wall is an ideal place to install a transparent LED wall. The screen with high brightness and low visible installation will fit the space perfectly. It will look as if the picture is displayed on the Glass curtain wall itself. 

3.Physical outside wall
The other place where you can easily install a transparent LED wall is the physical outside wall. It has a glue filling which keeps it intact with the surface. 


Transparent LED screen structure


Why are transparent LED walls getting popular?
There is no doubt that transparent LED walls are getting popular. Can you think of some reasons, what could be the reasons behind this? Well, don’t put pressure on your brain, as I already have listed a number of reasons.

1. Almost no influence on daylighting
The transparent LED wall has almost no influence on daylighting. The light can enter the building without any difficulty. It, therefore, doesn’t affect the lighting inside the building. 

2. High-tech decoration
The next reason behind the popularity of the transparent LED wall is the high-tech decoration. The screen is a result of years of research and development, so it is in the most refined form.

3. Can be used for advertising
The transparent LED walls get the attention of the public easily, making them an excellent choice to advertise any product. Companies use transparent LED walls for the purpose of advertisement. 

4. Easy installation
Usually, the displays are very difficult to install. The issue has been addressed in this form of LED display. The display has the simplest installation.


transparent LED walls - Front and Rear


The advantages of Milestrong’s STM series
Suppose you are now interested in buying the transparent LED walls for your company. Then allow me to introduce you STM series by Milestrong. STM series is a state-of-the-art LED display solution that can provide a wide array of advantages, some of which are listed below. 

1. Customized pixel pitch 
The first advantage is customizability. Milestrong allows you to customize the pixel pitch based on your choice. You may select any pixel pitch from 30-1000mm. 

2. High brightness for both indoor and outdoor scenes 
Milestrong’s STM series has a high brightness for both indoor and outdoor scenes. The daylight has no effect on the display of the screen. The display will be prominent at all times. The brightness of the screen is more than 6000cd/m2. 

3. Flexible structure
The unique feature of Milestrong’s STM series is its flexible structure. You can easily make all kinds of artistic design installations. 

4. High transparency
Milestrong’s STM series offers the highest level of transparency. It is as high as 80%. You can easily see the background behind the screen. 

5. Lightweight
The device is very light in weight, which reduces the cost of transportation and installation. The screen weight is optional between 2.3kg/m2-9.4kg/m2.

5. Modular installation
Milestrong’s transparent LED wall has modular connections. You can easily install and disassemble it with the help of simple tools. You don’t need sophisticated tools and labor to install and disassemble it. 

The advantages of Milestrong’s interactive floor LED display.
Milestrong manufactures a wide range of LED display solutions. The interactive floor LED display is designed to meet the different needs for floor tile screens in different scenarios. This system doesn’t need peripheral equipment such as camera projection, radar, infrared, etc. The device is also equipped with a sensing device. The display area can be customized based on the client’s requirements. The device is an ideal choice for product promotion. 



Milestrong is a pioneer in LED display manufacturing and distribution. Milestrong offers a wide range of LED displays ranging from fine pixel pitch to commercial displays. We export the products to every corner of the globe. Contact us and place your order for a transparent LED screen

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