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Where to Find the Best Outdoor LED Displays

Best Outdoor LED Display
In this competitive world, companies and brands invest a large sum of money in advertisement and publicity. One such way to reach out to the audience is by displaying your products with the help of an outdoor LED display. The outdoor LED displays are used to display information and guidelines. If you are finding an innovative way to boost your sales and skyrocket your sales through marketing, you need to invest money in the outdoor LED display. In this article, I will help you find the best outdoor LED display.


 What is an outdoor LED display?
An outdoor LED display is a large LED screen that is used to display information about new products, guidelines, and news. The primary purpose is to catch the audience’s attention and to put the name of your company in the minds of potential customers. An outdoor LED display is a cost-effective, powerful, and innovative way of advertising.


Applications of outdoor LED display
Outdoor LED displays are used for various applications, such as to display: In addition to the applications mentioned above, outdoor LED displays are used to decorate interiors and exteriors, in concerts, transportation, and in many other places.


Milestrong outdoor LED display (SN series)
If you are looking for innovative outdoor LED display solutions, then you are in the perfect place. In this article, I will recommend you two outdoor LED display solutions. You can choose one that suits your requirements. SN series outdoor LED display offers many benefits; the top 7 advantages are given below:

Milestrong outdoor LED display - SN series

Energy-saving / Common cathode design

It has three separate power supply schemes, i.e., R, G, and B, which reduce energy consumption. The SN series also has excellent heat dissipation, which reduces the cost associated with air conditioning. Combining the common cathode technology and aluminum module, up to 75% energy can be saved, thus saving electricity and money.


Anti-fire (Not using plastic base plate)
The SN series of outdoor LED displays are very immune to fire attacks. The screen is safe from any fire-related hazard. The back shell of this LED display is made of die-casting aluminum, which is not ignitable.


IP68 protection level front and rear
The fully closed die-casting aluminum back shell protects every component from high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, and other environmental factors.


High brightness up to 10000nits
It has a brightness level of up to 10000nits, which makes the LED display easily visible in sunlight.


Working temperature up to 70 °C
SN series is designed to work efficiently even under high temperatures without using air conditioning or fans because of its fast heat dissipation mechanism. For some high-temperature areas, this outdoor digital advertising board can’t be more suitable.


Corrosion resistance
The die-casting aluminum back shell offers superior protection against corrosion. It can be used for a long time in places with high humidity or salinity.


Long warranty
The supplier offers a long warranty for the SN series, i.e., 5-10 years.


Why is outdoor naked eye 3D LED display popular?
The outdoor naked eye 3D LED display is very popular because it has a high refresh rate, high contrast, and high grayscale. Because of which the picture quality is ideal, and it can display very attractive realistic 3D content. The 3D effect makes the content very attractive, engaging, and immersive.


3D LED display
Milestrong outdoor naked eye 3D LED display (SH series)
The next amazing product by Milestrong is the naked Eye 3D LED display. It offers many benefits. Some of them are listed below:Energy-saving / Common cathode design
The common cathode design saves power and money. Furthermore, superior heat dissipation reduces the cost of air conditioning.Anti-fire (Not using plastic base plate)
The outdoor LED display is anti-fire. The material used in the manufacturing of the SH series is flame-retardant.High brightness up to 10000nits
The high level of brightness (Up to 10000nits) makes the outdoor advertising LED display visible in the bright daylight. This advertising LED display can provide a realistic viewing experience with 3D effects in an outdoor environment.

Working temperature up to 70 °C
It has the advantage of fast heat dissipation. And no air conditioning or fans are required. Hence a continuous working in all environmental conditions is ensured.


Corrosion resistance 
The die-cast aluminum shell is very strong and durable. It offers the highest resistance against corrosion, scratch, heat, and other harsh environmental conditions, etc. Hence, it can be used for a long time in places with high humidity or salinity.


Long warranty
Milestrong outdoor LED display has a shelf life of up to 10 years. You can always trust Milestrong’s quality products and excellent services.


Milestrong is a forerunner manufacturer and supplier of outdoor LED display solutions. We are dedicated to delivering premium quality products at the most reasonable prices. To buy amazing outdoor digital advertising boards, contact us today.

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