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What Role Does GOB Technology Play in the Development of LED Display

What is GOB LED Screen?

GOB technology is glue-on-board for obtaining highly protective LED displays, a new technology, similar to module packaging. It is working with the whole display module (e.g. 250 * 250mm) by using a patented transparent glue to cover the surface of the module’s PCB board, on which thousands of SMD lamps have been soldered. Finally the module gets a special shielding layer on its surface.

gob led moduleGOB LED module is a highly protective LED display, capable of being impact-proof (crash-proof), dust-proof, water-proof, moisture-proof, UV-proof, and without harmful effects on heat dissipation and brightness loss. Rigorous testing over long periods of time has shown that the shielding adhesive even helps with heat dissipation, thus extending service life. The revolutionary change driving the entire LED display industry is that this GOB display is targeted at fine-pitch LED displays and rental screens, which have a natural requirement for LED diode protection.

gob technology

gob led module

Why GOB technology is the Inevitable Choice of LED Display to the Development of Micro-Pitch?

  1. Costs

GOB technology combines the midstream packaging and downstream display technologies of the LED industry, eliminating the cost of brackets and part of the manufacturing process, resulting in higher production efficiency. And the smaller the pixel pitch, the more obvious the comprehensive cost advantage of GOB products. P1.2 products produced by GOB technology and SMD technology are comparable in cost, and when the pixel pitch is smaller than P1.2, the comprehensive manufacturing cost of GOB technology is lower than SMD technology.

  1. Better Performance

In addition to the advantages of process and cost, GOB LED screen products also have better performance, with high protection, high reliability, high contrast, low energy consumption and wide color gamut. The dead lamp rate during the life cycle of GOB products is nearly an order of magnitude lower than that of SMD products, which is more suitable for the demand of ultra-high-definition intelligent display in the 5G era and has differentiation advantages in small-pitch display.

  1. High Protection and Dissipation

GOB technology is chip-level packaging, where the LED crystal particles directly contact the PCB board, which increases the available heat dissipation and conduction area of the LED crystal and enhances the heat dissipation capability. At the same time, this chip-level packaging method is “fully covered”, i.e., the LED crystal wears a layer of 100% protective armor, which is beneficial to moisture and anti-bump. This structure has a great difference in picture quality when compared with traditional surface-mounted beads.

  1. Better Visual Experience

LED screen’s high brightness is its advantage, but also the disadvantage of indoor applications. High brightness dazzle, high-frequency refresh the sense of glare, lamp bead surface paste the sense of grain, so that the led screen in the face of high-end command and control center, such “close, long viewing time” applications, especially “easy visual fatigue. The latter is a disadvantage that many customers find difficult to accept. The GOB small pitch technology can well eliminate these traditional LED screen “visual experience disadvantages.

The emergence of GOB technology takes small pitch LED products to a higher level and brings better user experience to the end market. It has been widely used in various application scenarios including broadcasting, high-end conference, big data center, intelligent command center, monitoring center, exhibition, education and teaching, cultural entertainment, telemedicine, home theater, etc.

Firstly, the reliability of GOB products is much higher than that of surface-mounted products; secondly, the lower the density of GOB products, the lower the cost of GOB products and the closer to civilianization, which are enough to support GOB to a better future.

GOB Application Areas and Technologies

GOB is suitable for small pitch LED screen, transparent LED display, and rental LED screen.


  1. 7 anti-products (waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-knock, anti-salt fog, anti-corrosion), effectively solve the LED display in the transportation and installation process due to knock, salt fog, on the moisture caused by the dead light phenomenon, compared to the traditional SMD single light package, the service life of more than double.
  2. The screen is easy to plot, a wipe with a cloth, clean as new.
  3. Larger viewing angle, horizontal and vertical angle of 180 °
  4. Especially suitable for coastal areas with a lot of salt spray environment
  5. Compared with the traditional LED rental screen, the service life of more than 1 times.

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