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What is Holographic LED Screen?

No Keel Design, Light and Transparent

Compared with the traditional transparent LED screen products, the biggest feature of our holographic LED screen is the keel-free design. The traditional transparent LED display needs to be fixed on a small number of keels to ensure the stable display of the picture due to its relatively weak driving capacity, but the whole screen is latticed and cannot be completely transparent.

holographic led screen

The holographic LED screen launched by Milestrong is light, thin and beautiful. The screen thickness is less than 2mm, and the weight per square meter is only 6KG. It can be bent, cut, and used flexibly, just like a large “film”. It uses a special adhesive, and the adhesive force can be equivalent to 600 kg/m2, which is firmly adsorbed on the transparent glass.

Due to the use of the self-developed IC, the driving force is extremely strong. With high-quality materials, high standard technology and ingenious design, the whole screen is truly transparent.

Among them, the M3 product with equal pixel pitch of P3.91 can achieve 80% of the sensory permeability, while the M6 product with equal pixel pitch of P6.25 can achieve 90% of the sensory permeability. It is mounted on transparent glass, which is “screen” when displayed and “transparent film” when the light is off.

Self-driving IC, HD & High Brightness

Another characteristic of LED holographic screen is high definition and brightness. It is based on independent core technology and has developed a special drive IC, which makes each luminous point have an IC to control. The color gray level reaches the real 16 bits, and the display effect is more bright. As we all know, most transparent LED screen products on the market are completed by strip arrangement.

Under this design, it is easy to cause image segmentation, thus pulling down the pixels, resulting in basically no display ability at close range, only decorative effect. The number of pixels in the same area is 4 to 5 times of that in the market. Because there is no strip segmentation effect, the pixels can not be seen from 3 meters away, and the real HD and high brightness is achieved.

Exquisite Construction, Immersive Experience

As a display screen, high transparency is not enough, but also to adapt to the times and meet the greater needs of users. After years of hard work by the R&D team, the LED display and the exquisite structure design of high transparency make the scene in front and behind the screen and the picture in the screen three-dimensional fusion. The product can form a strong three-dimensional suspension sense when displayed, which is what we call 3D illusion effect.

This immersive experience is not ostensibly catering to the concept of the metauniverse, but deeply rooted in the original intention of the product. Our holographic LED screen supports both traditional video and the ultimate 3D rendering capability. This product guarantees a large enough luminous angle at the root, nearly 180 degrees, so it is particularly friendly to the concert. Users will not feel the immersion impact of the screen image because of the poor location of the ticket.

holographic led screen

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The basic principle of this transparent screen is that the light emitting device is built on a special circuit board, and a module is formed according to a certain area. The whole screen will select the corresponding number according to the customer’s needs, and the multiple modules will be freely spliced like Lego. A usable transparent screen product can be formed by linking the control unit at a corner.

It is not only simple and convenient to install, but also easy to maintain in case of problems in actual use. Because the light-emitting components in the holographic LED screen adopt the independently developed light-drive integration design, which can achieve single-point single control, so that each LED bead is a “power source” and drives itself. Lamp bead A is broken, which has no effect on lamp bead B.

Therefore, the maintenance is very convenient. Through the standard maintenance package provided by Milestrong or the city maintenance personnel, the broken lamp beads can be removed and replaced with good ones.

Standard Products+Solutions, Personalized Customization

This holographic LED screen has two ordering modes. One is holographic LED screen integrated advertising machine, which is a relatively standard product. It can be vertical or lifting, and it is a removable screen.

Compared with the traditional all-in-one advertising machine, it is more light and flexible, and has no strict requirements on load bearing. Display modules can be added or reduced at any time according to the use environment. It is suitable for temporary scenes such as exhibition halls, booths, and stages, and is also widely used in entertainment and conferences.

The other is to customize directly according to the environment and area according to the use needs. For example, a business center in Dubai has specially customized a 22.5 square meter screen, which is intended to be placed in a prominent position in the airport lobby.

This customization is generally calculated by unit area according to the actual situation of customers. Milestrong has a full chain service of upstream IC design, midstream LED packaging, and downstream display applications, which can greatly reduce the service chain and service costs.

Based on the advantages of IC technology precipitation and continuous research and development, relying on the rich accumulation of intellectual property rights and stable supply chain guarantee, we provide high-end customers with unique high-quality and high-performance holographic LED screen products and overall solutions that integrate light, transparent, smart, thin, and magic characteristics.

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