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Top 7 Applications of Immersive LED Displays

If you have ever seen the science fiction movie The Matrix, you are probably aware of those scenes involving characters in blank white spaces where anything is possible by downloading a new game, theme, or idea.

The same is currently happening with the introduction of immersive LED display technology that transports any user from the expo hall to the next-gen reality. In fact, Epic Games just published a demo using immersive LED displays for real-time visual effects.

The latest version of Unreal Engine, combined with state-of-the-art flexible LED screens, creates an interactive, immersive experience where you can explore a gaming world one moment and soar high above California the next.

immersive led display

How Real-Time In-Camera VFX are Achieved

This leap in technology allows visual effects enthusiasts from gaming to film and movie production to utilize immersive LED displays for background integration. This is achieved by combining interactive LED floors with LED displays on the walls and background – creating something similar to an actor’s black box theater but without the green screen of the past.

When you walk into this highly engaging visual experience, you are treated to real-time images synced together. For example, you can be on safari hunting the great white rhino and see the ground moving beneath you as you walk, thanks to the immersive LED display technology. This revolutionary advantage has numerous application potentials for all kinds of industries.

The Applications of Immersive LED Displays

You eliminate many disadvantages of previous technology when transforming a space from green screen reliance that used to mean aftereffects added to an environment to an active, real-time situation. Students, teachers, consumers, actors, business leaders, and more can feel like they are directly interacting inside space of practically any size due to the flexible immersive LED displays. That includes:

  • Walkways & Entrances – Imagine an event like the MET Gala with matching environments to the latest fashions on celebrities. Lady Gaga, dressed as a dove, could have an immersive LED display underneath and around, showing the clouds she is supposed to be walking on as if in flight.
  • Museums –Students will find new interest and delight by being inside Edison’s workshop where the first light bulb was created or on the fields when the Wright Brothers took flight for the first time.
  • Exhibition Halls –Products and services can be better explained with visual elements that involve the direct interaction of viewers. This further enhances the experience and leads to more sales and partnerships because it lowers the barriers to understanding from previous 2D displays.

curved led display

  • Stadiums –Real-time projections of gameplay can be shown on flexible immersive LED displays all over the stadium, from the bathrooms to the box seating, so everyone feels they have the best seats in the house. This includes active stats, histories, and fun facts shown next to players as they move around the field.
  • Broadcast Rooms –Weather guides, reporters, and technicians will be able to show details of news happening at the current moment without risking their lives by placing them in dangerous situations. This also will help with communication and partnerships among other states, countries, and cultures by showing partner reporters in real time as if they were in the studio.
  • Filming –We have already seen how immersive LED displays can enhance films like the recent Disney Plus Mandalorian series, where this technology was used instead of green screens or expensive VFX. This lowers the cost of productions and opens the door to new artists and directors creating films for our viewing pleasure.
  • Cinema –With streaming video taking over how we view TV, film, and entertainment, movie theaters will be able to recapture market share by having a more interactive experience for movie-goers by using immersive LED display technology.

The Advantages of Milestrong’s Flexible LED Screen & Interactive LED Floors

Integrating immersive LED displays into your production is a surefire way to increase your viewers’ experience. You get a far more precise method of telling a story or delivering a sales pitch because you can control the entire environment along with stunning real-time visuals your viewers will appreciate.

At Milestrong, combining the flexible LED screen and interactive LED floor to support immersive LED displays provides incredible benefits, including:

  • Streamlined Equipment – There is no need for multiple cameras or support structures. Everything is done through flexible LED displays.
  • Advanced Software – With multi-point simulation response mechanisms, there is no need to calibrate onsite equipment. Everything is controlled from a single point.
  • Display Options – Switch between interactive elements and conventional displays without needing to make any changes outside of the control software.
  • Scale & Scope – Increase or decrease your viewing area at will and to the size and shapes of your intended viewing experience and body experiences (touch and trample).
  • Fast Installation – Magnetic column suction makes installation incredibly efficient. It allows for any shape to be maximized with little to no maintenance.

Contact Milestrong today to experience the many advantages of immersive LED display technology. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance the stories and communications you wish to deliver to consumers everywhere by staying on the cutting edge of today’s LED technology.

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