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Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Business with Outdoor Led Advertising Screens

Advertisements and marketing efforts have been evolving for years. Advertising patterns have adopted more advanced processes, from announcements to pamphlets to digital presentations. Not only that, but the overwhelming rise of the digital economy has forced businesses to build their online identity to reach high levels of success.
There are many ways a business can run digital advertisements to spread the selling word. Here, we will be looking at how an outdoor LED advertising screen plays a part in this concept.

outdoor LED advertising screen
outdoor LED advertising screen

What Is an Outdoor LED Advertising Screen?
Have you ever seen the big screens with various brands being displayed in Times Square? Well, these screens are the best example of outdoor advertising LED display. The screen serves the same purpose as the billboard, but in an advanced way, as with an outdoor LED advertising screen, you can run a digital message or even a slideshow instead of just using a single pamphlet to give away your message.
This will help you spread more information to a larger audience that will help you build a solid brand identity. Moreover, outdoor LED advertising screens tend to gather more attention compared to billboards.

Ways to Construct an Outdoor LED Advertising Screen
There are a few ways to set up your outdoor display screen, and we have listed the top 6 below.
-Ground-supported LED Screen
The basis of this LED screen is on the ground. The screen works with a ground support system with a base unit, a connection bar, and a ladder truss. All three of these elements help create strong support for the LED Screen and allow flexible configurations and also the height and width.
Mostly, the ground-supported LED Screens are used for outdoor advertising on sidewalks or bridges, etc.
-Wall-Mounted LED Display
As the name suggests, wall-mounted LED displays are big advertising screens that are mounted on a wall. These are the most common outdoor LED advertising screens you will see. These can be anywhere, from outside a tower to an advertisement wall by the road. All you need is a wall where you can mount a screen.
-Flown LED Display
The Flown LED Display is best known as the flying screen, and yes, they are flying. These are the thinnest and the lightest LED screens you can find. The reason for this is that these screens are specially designed to fly on heights. Have you seen the scoring LED screen flying in the middle of a stadium? Well, that’s an example of a flown LED display.

-Pole-Mounted LED display
The best place to advertise your business outdoor is to have your LED screen placed on poles by the road. There are numerous poles on the road, and uncountable cars daily pass through them, so the audience size is larger here. For this, you can opt for special pole-mounted LED display screens and have them placed on the poles of the busiest roads of your business area to get maximum attention.
-Truss Supported LED Display
These LED display screens are based on a truss support system. These could be placed on heights or even be ground-level, but any LED outdoor display that uses truss support falls under this category. The truss allows flexibility in the screen’s height and width, enabling you to display different dimensions of your outdoor advertising.
-Mobile LED Display
The Mobile LED display is not the LED screen you have on your smartphone, but here the mobile is used as a verb rather than a noun. It is referred to as the mobility of the screen. The mobile LED display is defined as advertising LED screens placed on the back or sides of the trailer and moving with them!

The Best LED Screen
If you are finding the best outdoor LED advertising screen for your next campaign, you need to get it from the SN Series of Milestrong’s High Brightness LED Display. The series has a range of high-brightness LED displays that are packed with an aluminium bottom shell that helps protect all the elements of the display. Not only that, but the display gives you the best screen time that lasts 2 to 5 times longer than usual screens.

outdoor LED advertising screen
outdoor LED advertising screen

The Bottom Line
Milestrong is an experienced name when it comes to LED displays. We are always ready to offer our clients the best products at the best prices. For us, gaining satisfaction from our customers is our top priority. Check out our website and Youtube channel now to find out more about our products!

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