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Sourcing Guide for Studio Fine Pitch LED Display

Studio Update

In recent years, the use of fine pitch LED displays in the field of broadcasting studios for large-scale activities has been increasing. LED display as an activity backdrop, with its vivid and dazzling background images and various interactive features, so that the activity’s performance and background blend into one. Effectively enhancing the ratings and column broadcast effect, the audience is amazed.

studio fine pitch LED display

However, in the studio, different brands and different point spacing LED displays in the process of displaying the picture effect but very different. Some pictures are always colorful and high-definition, while some display effects are ambiguous and flickering.

Therefore, many aspects must be considered when purchasing the studio LED display, especially the following three points.

The use of studio LED display issues:

1. Delicate shooting effect control:

The distance of the image shooting and LED display pixel pitch and filling factor. The shooting distance varies with pixel pitches and LED display fill factors. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to require the distance between the photographer and the screen to be 4-10 meters so that people can get better background pictures when shooting.

The image captured by the camera display details and information that need to be clear and no omissions, high color reproduction, and low brightness and high gray technology to enhance the sense of hierarchy and vividness.

2. Smaller pixel pitch:

The smaller the general LED pixel pitch, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, and the better the display effect.

Currently, the pixel pitch of LED displays used in the TV studio is mostly 1.2-2.5mm. The smaller the point spacing, it can achieve the best the display effect.

3. The color temperature is adjustable:

The studio uses an LED display as a background. Its color temperature should be consistent with the studio lighting color temperature to get accurate color reproduction in the shooting.

According to the program’s demand, the studio lights sometimes use 3200K low color temperature lamps and lanterns and sometimes use 5600K high color lamps and lanterns. It can also be adjusted to the correct color temperature according to the scene to get an excellent shooting effect.

studio fine pitch LED display -1

Fine pitch LED display has seamless spacing, excellent color performance, and low energy consumption. It can meet the high picture quality requirements for high-end indoor applications in broadcasting studios. It is believed that the future of small-pitch LED display technology in the continuous development of display technology is becoming increasingly mature to maximize the advantages of studio display.

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