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In 2022, small spacing LED display in which areas will achieve qualitative change?

For many customers, small spacing LED display is no longer a new word. So, with the continuous improvement of the technology, small spacing LED displays in which areas will achieve qualitative change?


The year 2021 may be a crucial year for small spacing, and researchers predict that by 2022, the application of small spacing will have changed qualitatively. Applications in various industries can be expected to influence user experience in shopping malls, retail shops, and supermarkets. With the widespread use of small-spacing display equipment in outdoor traffic media and the outdoor advertising industry, outdoor advertising media will bring on a greater scale new kinetic energy.


The Rise of 4K Applications

With the continued decline in the price of TV broadcasting network infrastructure in 2018-2019, video users have abandoned the use of FHD and 2K displays and instead have begun using 4K displays. This directly leads to the rapid explosion of small-pitch LED applications after 2020, and its market penetration rate exceeds that of large-screen TVs. According to statistics, in 2022, small spacing LED will reach US$10 billion in market size, accounting for nearly 50% of all commercial display screens (large-sized). It will become an important medium for many types of applications.

The Rise of 4K Applications

With the development of the mobile Internet and the integration of digital, network, and intelligent technologies, the application scenarios of LCD splicing screens are more and more diverse. From the initial meeting rooms, control centers, and command centers to medical treatment, education, finance, transportation, broadcasting and television media, cultural tourism, government affairs, and smart cities. The large-screen display business is expanding from a single product field to an integrated application field covering multiple industries.


New intelligent city construction large screen display

The construction of smart cities requires digital management capabilities, and as one of the important ways to achieve this goal, large-screen displays have received widespread attention from all parties and have become an indispensable carrier for smart cities. At present, many countries have begun to integrate smart city construction with large-screen display technology. For example, China plans to build 156 smart cities by 2020. The related technologies include big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, etc., which are closely related to large-screen displays. Therefore, the future development prospects should be broad.

intelligent city construction large screen display

With the development of smart cities and live broadcast, small spacing LED display screens will usher in a new development opportunity in 2022.


Large shopping malls

In the industry view, large shopping malls are usually set up with video walls, but these video walls have not been able to meet the needs of contemporary advertising display. Compared with the LCD splicing screen, the commercial advertising display screen has better cost performance and service life. Commercial advertising display screens will be one of the most important applications for small-spacing LED displays. Small spacing is becoming a trend in the future due to its superior display effects and energy-saving features.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions are places where people gather, including many scenic spots and landmarks. In recent years, tourist attractions such as cultural tourism cities have ushered in a vigorous development momentum. They require high-definition display screens to play audio and video programs to enhance the attraction of tourists’ experience. The small spacing LED display also has an ultra-high-resolution, which can achieve very fine details and create more exciting scenes for tourists by applying it to tourist attractions.

Tourist Attractions

3D advertising screen

Small spacing LED display has fast response speed, high transparency, large screen area, and strong immersive experience. It is especially suitable for mobile rental occasions such as sports venues and entertainment activities. In addition to displaying images, it is also possible to overlay text or 3D graphics on the video to achieve more diversified advertising effects.

3D advertising screen

In order to meet the needs of high-definition, small spacing LED display development trend is inevitable, its application areas will also be greatly expanded. It is understood that the current small spacing LED display market share accounted for about 35% of the entire LED display industry, the next few years with its technology more mature, product performance and cost higher demand continues to increase, small spacing technology will occupy a larger market share.


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