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How to Choose the Best Transparent LED Display Supplier?

Starting a business is not difficult; anyone can do it if they have the necessary funds. However, not every company succeeds and becomes successful. Is there a secret to success? There is, of course. Advertising is one of the hidden tips. Manufacturing a product is a simple task, but reaching out to potential customers is where most firms fail. The usage of a transparent LED display is one of the most successful and reliable methods of advertising. This post is all about the latest trend, and I’ll show you how to choose the best LED transparent screen supplier.

LED transparent screen supplier - case

The current status and development prospects of transparent LED display 

Over time, transparent LED display has evolved into a refined technology. The emergence of transparent LED display has expanded the operation layout of transparent LED display to the two major requests of agrarian glass and marketable retail window display. Its manufacturing decreases the blockage of structural factors by maximizing outlook results. It has made targeted advancements to the chip manufacturing process, packaging, and control system. It’s flexible, clear, and transparent used by digital designers. In addition to digital effect and glance, transparent LED displays are gradually advancing into the high-end display, with penetration pets in out-of-door advertising, window displays, and other display areas. In demanding marketable shopping malls, shelters, and entertainment places, transparent LED displays can be a fashion-forward creative selling point and increase product reach.


Applications of transparent LED display

The transparent LED displays are extensively used in marketable places and high demanding places such as shopping avenues, airports, supermarkets, specialty stores, shopping malls, etc. It’s attractive and simple to set up. Advertising using a clear LED display is incredibly effective. It enables you to expand your business in a short period of time.

transparent LED display - IP Rating - ip65

Tips on choosing the best transparent LED display

Outdoor transparent LED screen is one of the creative LED displays, which have strong capability to attract attention, and will help you compete in the competitive market. In choosing a transparent LED display, you should keep in mind the following tips.


1. Noise reduction technology:
This technology aims to help the screen from the effects of different noises that disturb the working of the screen when generating images.
2. Heat dissipation: 
An appropriate heat dissipation system with the surety of having aluminum, which can contribute to reducing heat, is necessary. Excessive heat will eventually affect the life of the screen and also the properties of per component.
3. Brightness adjustment: 
The display that you will buy should have an adjustable brightness technology, which helps the possibilities of controlling the brightness of the screen, and can save energy and protect the screen in different climates with the display effect. If you want the Video or Photo AD seen in bright sunlight, please don’t forget to choose a high brightness of more than 4500 nit glass led display.


4. Wall-Embedded: 
This type of installation is also good for both outdoor and indoor applications. This method needs embedding of the LED display with the wall to enhance the overall space.


5. Easy maintenance:
“Better quality” also includes “less maintenance.” Choosing a transparent LED display with easy maintenance is important to save time and labor costs.

transparent LED display

Milestrong transparent LED display and its advantages
Keeping in mind your special marketing needs, Milestrong has designed a very fine quality transparent LED display, i.e., STM series design. It is one of the best of its kind. It consists of composition light factors. It is designed to offer multiple benefits; I have listed the top 5 advantages.

1. High quality and Transparency, which keeps a balance between natural lighting and artificial lighting. It has a high brightness >6000cd/m2, which is suitable for all sorts of indoor and outdoor scenes
2. It’s easy to maintain because it can replace one single module rather than taking entire LED-panel
3. All-in-one design, easy to maintain front and back design.
4. Have a smart control to control it with wi-fi, cloud controlling mechanism, and others.
5. Ultra-thin and lightweight


Milestrong, situated in Shenzhen, China, is a prominent and highly recommended transparent LED display manufacturer. We have been creating LED display panels and marketing them for more than ten years. We offer a wide range of products, including transparent LED display, fine pitch LED display, high-brightness LED display, and the list goes on. We are so competitive and aim to help you succeed by giving you premium quality products. Feel free to contact us. 

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