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How to Choose the Best High Brightness LED Screen

High brightness LED screens are widely used across the globe for various purposes. Businesses use them to advertise their new offerings. Building owners use them to advertise other companies’ products or services and earn revenue in return. There are endless possibilities in how outdoor LED screen displays could be used.

If you’re in the market looking for the perfect high brightness LED screen for your use case, let us help. This post explores how you should shop for the right high brightness LED screen that stands the test of time. Let’s get started.

What Is a High Brightness LED Screen, and How Does It Work?

A high brightness LED screen is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an LED display with a peak brightness level higher than common screens. Brightness is measured in nits. The higher the nit count, the higher the brightness of a screen. Where your home TV or smartphone’s display is around 1000 nits, a good-quality outdoor LED display screen is 5,000+. This level of peak brightness makes sure the contents of the display are visible in bright sunlight, even from afar.

An LED screen works by powering up a high number of closely-packed LEDs. Each LED is powered up separately, and when they’re powered and colored simultaneously, an image appears on the screen.


The Importance of Choosing a Good-Quality LED Screen
If your outdoor LED screen is not bright enough, its contents will not be visible to people in daylight, especially in areas where the sun shines very bright. Furthermore, if the screen isn’t made by a high-quality manufacturer with a good IP rating, it won’t be able to stay at its best performance for a long time.
All in all, an outdoor LED screen is a long-term investment, and you need to make sure you’re putting your investment into the right product.

How to Choose the Best-Quality High Brightness LED Screen?
While you’re shopping for your high brightness LED screen, there are many things to consider. Here are the top factors you must keep in consideration.
1.Clear under the sun
First and foremost, the screen should be visible bright and clear under the sun. As it will be installed permanently outdoors, it needs to have enough clarity and brightness to be visible to the public easily.
2.High grayscale
Screens with high grayscale value can showcase colors across a wide brightness range. Hence, high grayscale screens can produce colors with much better color science and sharpness. The screen you choose must have these properties.

3.High refresh rate
Displays with a high refresh rate are smoother. The faster the display refreshes, the more images it can showcase per second. So, screens with a higher refresh rate can display smoother, aesthetically-pleasing content.
Your high brightness LED screen must have an IP rating as an outdoor display. This rating makes sure your screen doesn’t get damaged by water and dust — which are common elements to be found in good outdoor environments.
5.Wide working temperature
It gets cold outside in winters and hotter in summers. Your screen needs to keep working fine, despite how hot or cold the surrounding gets.
6.Efficient drive solution
Your ideal high brightness LED screen needs to have efficient drive solutions. With one of those, the lamp function improves drastically, and the color science gets much better.
7.Vent valve
To maintain the pressure and temperature of the inside of the screen, it needs to have a vent valve. This valve essentially works as a regulator of the inner conditions of the screen.
8.High protection
The screen should be able to stand the rugged outdoor environments to maximize its functionality and lifespan.
9.Easy maintenance
Last but not least, the screen must be easily maintainable. Installing, removing, and repairing shouldn’t be a mess.

Here’s Your Perfect High Brightness LED Screen
Looking for the best outdoor high brightness LED screen? MileStrong is the way to go. MileStrong’s SFC series is a high-quality LED screen family that’s being used in many parts of the world. The series has screens with 6,000 and 10,000 nits brightness, which easily falls in the top-tier category. It is clear under the sun and easy to maintain; what’s more, it features a high grayscale and high refresh rate, wide working temperature, efficient drive solution, vent valve, and high protection. All of these prove that it is built to stand the test of time for as long as possible.
MileStrong is your perfect LED screen supplier. We have more than 10 years of LED display manufacturing experience and supply high-quality screens across the globe. Again, you can check out our high brightness LED screens on our website and get your new way of making money!

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