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How the LED Display Industry Can Better Play Its Role in the Meta-universe

What is Mateverse Technology?


The overnight explosion of the metaverse has opened up people’s infinite imagination and new cognition of the future world. What a virtual world is parallel to the real world is also fascinating. With the development of AR/VR/MR, immersive games, immersive space and other technologies in recent years, a vast super science fiction virtual world that can be compared with the real world is becoming feasible and visible through various technologies that strengthen the reality and virtual world. The possibility of the realization of the meta universe also brings opportunities to all walks of life to open new fields. As a display terminal, LED display will play an important role in the world of the meta universe.


The contemporary metaverse is broadly defined as a common virtual world built using multiple technologies. Under the current concept of metaverse, it refers to a new type of internet application and social form that integrates reality and reality by integrating multiple new technologies, which provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror image of the real world based on digital twin technology, builds an economic system based on blockchain technology, closely integrates the virtual world with the real world in terms of economic system, social system and identity system, and allows each user to to carry out content production and world editing.


The technology of metaverse mainly consists of game engine technology, blockchain and NFT technology, virtual reality technology, interoperability technology, digital currency technology, cloud service and hardware technology, so to realize metaverse, mature technology is the key to open the door of metaverse.


At present, the first industries to run in the metaverse are e-sports, education and culture, medical conferences, etc. Each field is presented in the metaverse in the form of virtual interaction, which enables people to break the limitations of time and space, to encode and decode information in the metaverse in a more realistic and perceptible way, and to immerse themselves in the virtual world to complete related activities, visit and understand different industries, show their creative content, and realize more value for themselves.


What Role does the LED display Play in the Development of the Meta-universe?


To realize the meta-universe, it is inseparable from 5G, Internet of Things, virtual engine and other black technologies, these high-tech is an important module to compose and build the meta-universe, and the meta-universe to be seen, felt and operated by people, it needs a display port, so the LED display has become a part of the meta-universe, playing a “tentacle” in the meta-universe. “role, tiny but important.


From the naked eye 3D LED screen, immersive space, virtual interactive games and other fire more and more mature, LED display in the virtual interaction of the application is also increasingly seen. At present, whether it is the application of naked eye 3D large screen, or XR virtual space and immersive space to build, and even the existence of intelligent education, intelligent conference and other scenes, are inseparable from the LED display as a carrier of information display and dissemination. LED display is still by virtue of its own ultra-high definition display, high order low gray good display performance, and can easily carry new technology to enhance the sense of virtual reality interaction advantages run into the meta-universe.

led display for film making

Not only that, along with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the depth of penetration, the traditional service areas will be towards digitalization, wisdom, and even the direction of virtualization, which is inevitably inseparable from the interface of human-computer interaction, which is the application of the display.


In fact, in recent years, small pitch LED screen enterprises in the field of AR, VR, XR, has carried out many positive exploration and attempts, such as LED screen as a film shooting, studio virtual background screen, as a virtual design workshop for the development of factory parts, as a museum, tourist attractions, virtual immersive experience carrier for virtual scenario display teaching training, and so on. It has accumulated experience for the connection of LED display and virtual digital world.

led display for virtual production

Display can be both the input channel and output medium, in the digital, intelligent pattern of the times, LED display also ushered in a new change. Whether it is VR/AR and other wearable devices, or LED display screen, all can get new increment under the market changes.

However, it is still too early to realize the meta-universe, because the development of various hardware and software before entering the new world encountered bottlenecks, such as the virtual game world for a better experience of immersive interaction, the introduction of a variety of VR, AR headset devices, in the use of the wearer is not too comfortable, wear a long time prone to dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms.


For LED display, although it can help the meta-universe to come to a small extent, but the continuous innovation of LED display technology and supporting equipment and packaging technology progress, especially the recent VR, AR headset equipment to Mini/Micro LED innovation application, confirmed that LED display in the good see meta-universe “window “on this role, it can definitely be required by the new world, presenting people with the most realistic and gorgeous parallel new world.


What are the Remaining Problems in Realizing the Metaverse?


Metaverse was born as a brainwave term in the science fiction novel “Snow Crash”, and it has taken a long time to develop into a virtual parallel world, and it still takes some time to really put the concept of metaverse on the ground, especially at present it is still a hot concept, how to realize how to build and run this “parallel world “It is still a matter of exploration in all walks of life.


From a comprehensive point of view, the following problems exist in the realization of the metaverse: First of all, the interactive operation of the metaverse needs to be improved. As a large virtual social center, people can enter and engage in different activities together anytime, anywhere, such as playing games, watching movies and working. In addition, there are many different industries in the real world, and people have many different interests, so there may be different small universes in the meta-universe, so how can we quickly enter from this small universe to another small universe in the virtual world, it is necessary to improve the interactive operation performance of the meta-universe.


Second is the need to secure people’s data in the metaverse. To facilitate access to the metaverse, we can assume that everyone will be using open IPs, plus the metaverse will transmit a large amount of data, most of which is personal key data. The risk of cyber attacks will always exist and will intensify, so the data security under the metaverse is also needed to be deployed in advance.


Last but not least, the realization of the meta-universe will require ubiquitous connectivity and exponential growth in edge computing power, especially for the large amount of data exchanged to support AR/VR services transmitted between the virtual and physical worlds, requiring efficient edge networks and communication infrastructure to optimize rate, reliability and latency performance. The metaverse will need these high data transfer rates, ultra-low latency and edge computing to be successful, but the other side of the coin is a more significant impact on resources , and the balance of these remains to be seen.


To Better Empower the Metaverse, What Should the LED Display Industry Do


To sum up the above, To sum up the above, the meta-universe to really land into reality, perfect build its technical perfection, establish the rules of operation, control the operational risk, of course, these grand points are far away from the LED display industry, but this is also in line with the LED display in the metaverse “screw” role reality. For LED display, in the future for a long time, it will be the meta-universe near the real world “tentacles”, is the meta-universe people see meta-universe close to the meta-universe “window”, and build the meta-universe world “screw”.


To play these roles, the LED display industry will consistently play the dynamics of industry innovation, continue to optimize LED screen products, innovate packaging, chips, lamp beads, spacing and other technologies, with a view to providing the best and most solid basic components to the metaverse, in the metaverse silent power.

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