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Everything You Need to Know About the Sphere Displays

With digitalization and technology touching the height of innovation, high–end events and gatherings often use creative LED displays to captivate maximum attention from their audience. Amongst these creative alternatives, sphere displays seem to be the most used form – mainly in the science and technology conferences, museums, exhibitions halls, hotel lobbies, and even at commercial shopping malls. 

What Is a Sphere Display & How Does It Work? 
Sphere displays are basically one form of creative LED display that carries a ball-shaped screen. They tend to showcase visuals in a 360-degree, making them much more aesthetically pleasing and attractive than the usual LED displays. The view from a sphere display is far different from the usual LED displays.
Sphere displays work efficiently by projecting the different colors and making the visuals super-appealing in front of an audience. 

Different Types of Sphere Screen Displays 
Many businesses are using sphere displays to make their visuals attractive. The three main types being mostly used are the following:

  • Watermelon Ball Screen
    It is one of the very first sphere display LEDs introduced on the market. The reason why we call it a watermelon ball screen is that it has been composed of PCBs put together in the shape of a watermelon, having a direct-view structure. Though this customized LED sphere is excellent for displays, it comes with a few limitations.
    The north and south poles of the sphere cannot show images normally, which tends to create distortion and low utilization. This is mainly because all the pixels appear in the form of lines and columns, while the display appears in the form of circles for the pixels of both the poles. 
  • Triangle Ball Screen
    The triangle ball screen is composed of the basis of plane triangle PCBs and is also known as the football screen. The integration of plain triangle PCBs has certainly resolved the problem with the north and south poles and so is majorly used. However, it has its own cons, such as the need for using different kinds of PCBs, a much more complicated software program, the limitation of not using a small pitch, etc.
  • Six Sides Ball Screen
    This is the latest and most user-friendly type of sphere display LEDs. Built after the concept of a quadrangle, it is a composition of a 1.5m diameter LED sphere which splits down into six different planes of the same size, and each of these planes gets further split into four panels, making it a combination of 6 planes and 24 panels.
    Each panel of the sphere display carries 16 PCBs. However, the six sides ball screen needs a lesser number of PCBs than the triangle ball and is much similar to the composition of a flat LED screen. Thus, it seems to have much utilization power and is popular amongst the users. 

Applications of Spherical Screen Displays 
There are many different places where the spherical screen displays are being used – mainly with the intention of setting an aesthetical appeal for the audience. Take a look at some of the most common applications of sphere displays and get inspired! 

  • Planetariums – Since planetariums are a place meant for astronomical displays, what could be a better medium to showcase the great mystery of stars on a spherical screen? Unlike flat screens, sphere displays can make astronomical displays a real-life experience! 
  • Science & Technology Museums –Installing sphere displays at the entrance of science and technology museums could be a great way to attract tourists and visitors. They can help you showcase the multiple physical phenomena and celestial bodies in a way too attractive manner. 
  • Children’s Palaces – A sphere display could work as the best tool for captivating children’s attention at places that offer entertainment and joy for them. 
  • Exhibition Halls – Exhibition halls can use different sphere displays to showcase the best to their audience by combining all the light, shadow, and sounds and creating a lasting impression.
  • Gymnasiums – Showcasing aesthetic lifestyle videos on a sphere display could really make your gymnasium attractive and a go-to place for people. 
  • Waiting Halls – Waiting halls tend to be the most boring places for people; adding sphere displays that showcase capturing visuals can really add to their aesthetics and make waiting a bearable experience for most of them. 
  • Star Hotels – Sphere displays are a great medium to showcase the great deals and offers you might have introduced at your star-rated hotels. 
  • Railway Stations & Ports – Since railway stations and ports are great places for the brands to advertise, replacing flat screens with sphere displays can really make the advertisements stand out and help capture more audiences. 

Get the Best Sphere Display LED with Milestrong 
Do you also want to capture maximum audiences’ attention by installing the best LED sphere display at your business place? We have got you covered with a premium customized LED display at Milestrong. 
Our spherical LED display is an exceptionally designed and engineered LED spherical screen that comes along with multiple display divisions, a telescopic profile display, and a uniform display HD screen with a guarantee of no distortion. 

Milestrong is a top-notch manufacturer of various LED display forms. From the basic transparent displays to the ultra-innovated, customized LED displays, we have proved to be the leaders in making the most reliable yet tech-savvy displays across the globe.
The key objective at Milestrong is to understand clients’ needs at best and manufacture products that can best fulfill your desires while ensuring we do not cost you a fortune. Contact us to learn more about our products and services!

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