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3 Transparent Curtain LED Screen Application Scenarios You Should Know

What is Curtain LED Screen?

With the maturity of LED display technology, the competition is getting fierce in the field of traditional small pitch, indoor and outdoor advertising, curtain LED display, etc. LED soft mesh screen provides more choices and possibilities for the market, enriches the types of transparent LED display products and display methods, and expands the field of creative flexible LED screen.

Milestrong curtain LED display is a kind of bright video display level product, which can meet the demand of lighting decoration, but also can be used for image and video playback. It is also a kind of large pitch transparent LED display, which is a spliceable LED display module combined with LED light dots, PC card strips, aluminum buckles, steel wires and other components. Pixel pitch between 40mm ~ 300mm, through the splicing can easily achieve from a few dozen square meters to tens of square meters of large display area. In the field of super large area display and creative transparent LED display, it has unparalleled advantages.

Transparent curtain LED screens are mainly used in scenes such as large building facades and glass curtain walls, creative design and city landscape lighting. We will recommend the right LED curtain display for our customers according to the installation size, installation height, viewing distance, brightness requirements and project effect of the project.curtain led wall What Are the Application Scenarios of Curtain LED Screen?

1.Building Façade / Glass Curtain Wall:

LED curtain screen features make its installation almost no steel structure, so the impact on the surface of the building or glass curtain wall is reduced to a minimum. Milestrong curtain LED screen with light, thin, transparent characteristics, not only to ensure the floor, glass façade, windows and other lighting structure lighting and ventilation requirements, but also does not affect the beauty of the building shape.

2.Cultural Tourism Projects / Stage Choreography:

Transparent curtain LED screen can be built according to the requirements of cultural tourism projects and stage modeling diversification, the use of LED screen body itself permeable, thin and light characteristics, producing a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of field of the whole picture becomes longer, the image on the screen and the real scene behind the superimposed effect, forming a combination of reality and reality, seemingly real visual feast.led curtain screen

3.Park Square / Science and Technology Exhibition Hall:

Milestrong curtain LED screen flexible customized design, with different shapes and building surface, in this kind of scene can be flexible and changeable to achieve a variety of creative lighting ideas, such as physical interaction, infrared induction, lighting scenario interaction, etc.transparent curtain led display

9 Key Points of the Popularity of the Transparent Curtain LED Screen

Curtain LED display is flexible, high transparency, high brightness, waterproof, easy to install, low energy consumption, high protection, good operation, thin and translucent, flexible mesh structure, does not affect the ambient light and air circulation, so the LED curtain screen has a broad development prospect, adding to the city’s brightness.Advantages of LED curtain screen:

1.Adopting breakpoint continuity IC, any one of the pixel point is broken, it does not affect the following pixel points.

2.RGB current gain can be adjusted at will, white balance color temperature 6500K.

3.Large viewing angle, indoor viewing angle can be greater than 140 degrees, outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees.

4.The screen area can be large or small, from less than one square meter to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of square meters.

5. Extra-long distance carrying, single light string can carry up to 384 pixel height.

6. The front and rear can be maintained, no welding design, easy to operate.

7. With IP67 protection grade, suitable for outdoor all-weather application environment.

8. Good perspective effect, so that the image on the net screen and the real scene behind the superimposed effect, forming a combination of reality and reality, seemingly real visual feast.

9. Mainly used for indoor and outdoor large-scale rental choreography activities and concert display background, building curtain wall display, advertising display, etc.


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