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Are High Brightness LED Screens Worth Investment?

Recently, the Japanese 3D “Shinjuku Cat” on a giant LED screen has attracted attention worldwide. The cat is a three-dimensional cat that appears on billboards to surprise pedestrians and users of social media with its vivid appearance and cat-like behaviors. Many people share this sentiment, even though the cat is only a collection of pixels on the high brightness LED screen. The success of the Shinjuku Cat proves the magical attraction that outdoor 3D LED displays have, giving inspiration to the LED display market and leading to a discussion about whether the high brightness LED screens are worth investment.
The high brightness LED screen with a stylish design and slim shape improves visual quality by increasing contrast and expanding the color spectrum but using less energy and saving a significant amount of power. But do these advantages compromise its price?


3D LED displays - Shinjuku cat


The Applications of High Brightness LED Screen
Let’s begin with the multiple applications of the high brightness LED screen. It benefits people in many fields with every passing day. High-brightness LED screens are continuing to make advances in lighting applications. Their applications in traffic signals, vehicle brake lights, architectural illumination, and full-color displays continue to expand. Its application is also in advertising LED signs or digital billboards.

Why High Brightness LED Screens Are Worth Investment?
The high brightness LED screens are quickly becoming one of our generation’s most effective marketing tools. This is because a marketing LED display can provide a plethora of advertising benefits, as well as the ability to alter messages rapidly and make them interactive.

1.Marketing and decoration
The high brightness LED screen has a digital advertisement era. It is generating a growth market that may outperform the e-commerce industry in all its forms. It can increase high-traffic regions and grab the attention of the audience.

2.Brand promotion 
LED Displays can send your message or products straight to your audience using these modalities. For example, Milestrong’s interactive floor LED screens may be mounted on the sides of buildings, buses, or walkways to create a billboard with high resolution and animated graphics.

3.Locating value
The high brightness LED screen advertising is a versatile solution that displays images and movies with high impact and fidelity. Because of its highly attractive characteristic, people can notice it from a far distance, thus helping guide them the way to your building.

4.Culture spreading
Interactive floor LED advertising is extremely adaptable and may be used with any multimedia strategy. Work with our knowledgeable LED engineers to design practically any type of unique solution that emphasizes high-quality visual material.


The Applications Case of High Brightness LED Screen


Milestrong’s LED Displays: Your Best Choice
Now that you know the importance and the broad spectrum of applications, you can better decide how worthy the high brightness LED screen is. If you have decided to invest in the technology, let me suggest products that are manufactured by Milestrong, a pioneer in advertising display solutions.

Milestrong’s SN series design LED display has a high return on investment. Moreover, the display has a fully enclosed package design of the aluminum bottom shell that protects the components one by one, extending the life of the screen body by 2-5 times that of a standard screen and saving money on maintenance and repair. The high brightness outdoor LED display offers multiple benefits – some of which are as follow:

1.Saving energy
The displays solutions by Milestrong are designed to be cost-effective. The initial cost of the display is affordable. And most importantly, the display requires very little maintenance and operations. It has an excellent energy-saving ability: the device can save up to 75% of energy.

2.Flame resistance
The display has superior flame resistance, giving them high immunity against fire hazards. They are suitable options because of this feature, especially for fire-prone areas.

3.High refresh and brightness
The high brightness LED display by Milestrong has a high refresh rate. Moreover, the high level of brightness, i.e., 10,000NITS, makes it suitable for every weather condition, no matter it is sunny or cloudy.

The display is extremely durable that can withstand harsh temperatures, dust, and other harmful particles. The display has a fully closed die-casting aluminum back shell that protects the components, making the screen body resistant, low temperature, corrosion, strong environmental adaptability.

5.Up-to-70 degrees working temperature, humidity-proof, salt-proof
The high brightness LED screen by Milestrong has a wide temperature operation zone. It offers safe and normal operations up to 70℃ and as below as -40℃. In addition to that, the display has high humidity proofing and salt proofing.


Milestrong’s SN series design LED display


Milestrong’s interactive floor LED series is split into conventional floor LED screens, interactive floor LED screens, indoor floor LED screens, outdoor 3D LED display, and stair floor LED screens. Without the limits of splicing shape, size, and position, the interactive effect of LED floor tiles may be fulfilled. The Milestrong interactive floor LED display has many advantages such as:

  • The installation and software debugging procedures are quick
  • It is a Wholesale clear LED screen with a fine pitch display
  • These LED display screens are available for both indoor and outdoor applications


outdoor 3D LED display


Based in Shenzhen, China, Milestrong has an especially large selection of outdoor 3D LED displays. We make innovative and customizable LED displays for a wide range of applications. Milestrong has a large selection of LED displays, ranging from small pixel pitches to Intelligent Commercial Displays. Our LED products are sold in every corner of the globe and cover all vertical markets, including innovative indoor/outdoor displays, command and control, conference rooms, and broadcast.

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