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An Essential Guide to Flexible LED Displays

Flexible LED Displays case

Higher efficiency, low energy cost, and versatility are some features that mark the increasing popularity of LEDs. Nowadays, LEDs not only consume less energy but also positively impact the environment, which is another reason for the increase in the demand for LED products. From mini-LEDs to Alphanumeric ones, there are myriad ways LEDs are being used. However, flexible LED display holds a prominent position in the LED industry, thanks to the various benefits they bring to the table.
A flexible LED display screen is what makes artistic LED display possible. This article will shed light on a flexible LED display screen and how it is being used for various purposes.

What Is a Flexible LED Display?
A flexible LED display is a special kind of LED display that can be bent freely without any breakage. It was invented in 1974 by Nicholas K. Sheridan, a PARC employee. Nicholas called it an e-paper (electronic paper) display, but it was not until 2014 that the world’s thinnest OLED display entered the market.
A flexible display is a level board display that utilizes light-creating diodes arranged on parallel media. There are several panels on the display, making sure the image on the flexible video display remains consistent. The panels are joined together using magnets alongside their boundaries. This makes it easier to fit the LED screen into any space with ease. They are durable, adaptable, and produce high-quality images making them a smart choice for every business.
The LED display circuit is pitched on a soft material such as rubber or PCB. There is flexible insulation on both sides of the screen to protect the circuit inside. The design of the screen is durable, and the multi-layer foldable structure makes it suitable to customize the screen right according to an individual’s need. So, whether you need a cylindrical screen or an artistic design for your commercial building, a flexible LED display can make it possible.

Application of Flexible LED Display
The flexible LED display brings a myriad of benefits to the end-user. Not only can these be customized according to a brand’s needs, but they are an effective way of grasping the public’s attention thanks to their high illumination power.
Here are some places where you will commonly see a flexible video display.

  • Museum
    Museums use large flexible display screens to take visitors on a roller coaster ride across history. Moreover, by installing a large flexible video display, the managements give visitors a propelling experience through 3D simulation and amazing visual effects.
  • Shopping Center
    A shopping center is home to hundreds of brands and is visited by dozens of people every day. Flexible LED displays can be seen at various intervals all over a mall, grabbing the potential customers’ attention.
  • Stage
    Instead of using a boring background, people use flexible LED displays to create unique backdrops or narrate a story. This adds a wow effect to the overall performance.

Application of Flexible LED Display

Benefits of MileStrong’s Flexible LED Display
We at MileStrong are a leading LED display manufacturer based in China, known worldwide for our superior-quality products. Being in the industry for more than one decade, we deliver top-quality products perfect for every industry. Whether you need one for your office conference room or an outdoor area, MileStrong offers the best LED solutions.
Besides giving you incredible customer service, the Flexible LED screen from MileStrong brings you the following benefits.

  • Heat Dissipation
    Heat is often a common problem with huge flexible LED displays. Indoor LEDs in malls and commercial buildings have air conditioners to resolve the issue, but it’s hard to avoid heat retention if an LED display screen is placed outdoor, especially during summers. But, MileStrong ensures your unit remains cool and continues to perform effectively throughout the day with its advanced technology.
  • Low Consumption
    The average power consumed by a flexible LED is low compared to the general power consumption. This allows the device to illuminate the content better and help you save money on your electric bills. However, it’s only possible if you buy a high-quality product which is why every MileStrong flexible LED display is designed to save energy without compromising the quality.
  • Water-proof
    The LED displays by MileStrong are water-proof. The LED screen and the material used to design the entire unit can resist harsh weather without causing you any trouble. This makes them ideal for outdoor use under any climatic zone.
  • High Brightness
    LEDs are meant to produce bright light, and flexible LEDs by MileStrong are known to generate high-resolution images with just the perfect visual effects to make things look brighter and grasping.
  • Less Maintenance
    A flexible LED display by MileStrong is easy to install (thanks to the magnetic column suction used) and requires minimum maintenance. The compact and sleek design with fewer cables and wires makes it easy to maintain the entire system. No tangled wires to sort out in case your LED shuts down.
  • Dust-proof
    MileStrong takes the minimal maintenance claim seriously. Therefore, their flexible LED displays are IP rated, making them a dust-proof option.

Benefits of MileStrong's Flexible LED Display

Unlimited customizability and unparalleled performance mark the increasing popularity of MileStrong flexible LED displays. Our innovative flexible LED display products are slim, fit to any construction design, lightweight, and incredibly soft, giving you the creative freedom to transform any setting with an authentic, immersive display experience.

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