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5 Differences Between Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays

You must be familiar with LED displays(outdoor and indoor LED display) that are extensively used for advertisement purposes. Companies invest a huge amount of money in advertisements. The advertisement done through LED displays is one of the most effective methods of promotion. There are two broad categories of LED displays, outdoor and indoor LED displays. In this article, I will tell the five differences between these two types of LED displays.  

What’s the indoor LED display?
As the name suggests, these types of LED displays are used indoor. The indoor LED display is intended to display high-resolution images and advertising videos on a big surface without the distracting seams that an LCD wall would have. Indoor LED displays are created specifically for stores and enterprises with large window displays. This LED display is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. An indoor LED display is a nice technique to attract a lot of customers and to provide information. 

What’s the outdoor LED display?
Outdoor LED displays are big format screens that use LED technology and are made up of multiple cabinets that may provide a consistent image. The cabinets have a greater IP rating, which protects the screen from rain, snow, wind, pollution, dust, and other environmental elements. Outdoor LED displays, unlike indoor LED displays, must survive extreme circumstances. 

Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays


There are multiple choices of LED display for different demands.
LED displays are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the type of application and demand. A fine pitch LED display, for example, may be utilized in industrial applications such as control rooms, broadcast, corporate lobby, and conference rooms. Similarly, for digital signs and billboards, a high-brightness Outdoor LED display is a viable solution. Other varieties include transparent LED displays, customized LED displays, and leased LED displays, among others.

The applications of outdoor and indoor LED displays 
LED displays are mostly used for marketing and advertisement. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent LED display applications. Indoor LED displays may be seen in a variety of locations, including shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, enterprises, and airports. Outdoor LED displays are used alongside highways, stadiums, shopping malls, and in different events. 

The differences between outdoor and indoor LED display
Let’s move ahead and highlight the differences between the two types of LED displays, namely outdoor and indoor LED displays. 

1.Water-proof ability
Since the outdoor LED display has to withstand higher water exposure, so as compared to indoor LED display, it has a higher water-proof ability. 

2.Lightning protection
Only outdoor LED displays are at risk of being struck by lightning. As a result, extra lightning protection is required. Surge protectors or lightning arresters are commonly utilized.

3.High-temperature tolerance components
High temperature can be a serious issue for LED displays. Both the displays are exposed to different conditions, so the temperature tolerance components differ in outdoor and indoor LED displays. 


MIE series - small pixel pitch LED displays


The brightness of LED displays varies depending on whether they are used indoors or outside. It is because outdoor LED displays are exposed to intense sunlight, causing the display to fade. As a result, most outdoor LED displays are made with a high brightness level.

5.Pixel pitch 
Outdoor LED displays have a lower resolution than indoor LED displays since they are often visible from a larger distance. Outdoor LED displays have a larger pixel pitch and lesser resolution, whereas indoor LED displays have a higher resolution but a smaller pixel pitch. Compared to other LED series, the MI and MIE series have a fine pixel pitch.

It is quite easy to install both types of LED displays; however, the outdoor LED displays have additional components making the installation a bit harder than the indoor LED display. 


MI series - small pixel pitch LED displays


Two products from Milestrong you can’t miss
If you are taking your product advertisement to the next level, let me present to you two amazing products of Milestrong, which are as follow:

MI Series 
The MI series is a collection of fine pitch LED displays with a variety of functions. It’s an ideal indoor LED display with a 16:9 cabinet ratio for a seamless 2K, 4K, and 8K configuration. The display also boasts a fast refresh rate and a good contrast ratio. It is the first module-based curved screen in the world. Purchase this item to have access to all of its features and benefits.

MIE series 
MIE series is a family of small pixel pitch LED displays. It is available in 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, and 2.5mm pixel pitches. MIE series of outdoor displays are designed to offer many advantages such as:

1.Easy to install and maintain
2.Concise appearance
3.Unrivaled reliability
4.Excellent performance 

Milestrong is a leader dedicated to the development of innovative and customizable LED displays for a variety of applications. Thousands of brands from all over the globe rely on our LED wall screen display indoor and outdoor. We have a large worldwide network of partners with whom we collaborate to provide the best-LED solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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