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How to Reach a 3D Effect by Using High Brightness LED Screen?

Naked-eye 3D is now accepted as a good way for building decoration. It allows people to watch the large 3D LED screen without wearing glasses. The realistic 3D high brightness LED visual experience makes the naked-eye 3D livelier and more satisfying than the traditional LED screen. With the personalized naked-eye 3D, you can perfectly integrate LED displayed into your building.

3D Effect by Using High Brightness LED Screen

Working Principle of the Naked-Eye 3D Display

The human brain is a complex nervous system, and the human eye sees everything in three dimensions. What you see with your two eyes are two different small pictures. The small distance between your eyeballs achieves the subtle difference between the two. It prompts your brain to determine the spatial coordinates between two objects, while the sense of 3D space is created by the feel of the size and distance of the observed object.
The traditional 3D display utilizes the principles of different images in the right and left eyes. The content for your left eye in 3D movies is separated from that for the right eye through the glasses. As a result, the glasses obtain the images on the right and left eye separately, presenting a 3D image in the brain.

Factors of Making a 3D Effect

Three main factors are integral in the successful creation of a naked-eye 3D high brightness LED display.

  • Reference Object:  A 3D effect is created based on the size, distance, perspective, and shadow relationship of the reference object.
  • Curved LED screen: Popular 3D screens are angled curved screens with two faces, which means they use two walls at the corners. The high brightness LED screen folds 90°, with the use of video material to conform to the perspective screen. While the right screen will displace the main view of the image, the left screen will displace the left view of the image. When you stand in front of the corner, you will see the front and side of the object simultaneously, creating a realistic 3D effect.
  • Specially-made 3D contents: The 3D video content plays a critical role in creating naked-eye high brightness Led screen. With the right content, even a flat high brightness LED display screen can produce a good 3D effect.

Key Points in Curved LED Screen Conducting 3D effect

Several key points are critical for a curved high brightness LED screen to conduct a 3D effect. They ensure a huge 3D naked eye display and bring a magical view.

  1. Enough Pixels for Rich Details: Naked-eye 3D effects can be achieved using outdoor giant high brightness LED screens of at least 500 sq. meter and enough pixels.
  2. High Contrast and High Brightness: High refresh rate, contrast, and grayscale allow the naked-eye 3D display to express the details of both bright and dark parts clearly and vividly. The high brightness LED screen gives a display of realistic 3D content, making the audience feel the immersive experience effect.
  3. Long Viewing Distance and Wide Viewing Range: Outdoor Led Display Screen is usually placed at crossroads, business districts, or in squares. Giving a wide viewing range and distance will allow more people to view the display as they come and go.
  4. Less Power Consumption: While a huge area generates a loss of power consumption when used in the long term, curved LED screens help in reducing the amount of energy consumed.
  5. High Protection for the Outdoor Environment: Naked-eye 3D display is an LED display solution for protecting the surrounding. The high brightness LED display integrated seamlessly with the local culture, surrounding environment, and content relatable to the audience.
  6. Easy Maintenance: The high brightness Led display is easy to maintain and lasts longer.


Advantages of Milestrong’s high brightness LED screen SH series

Milestrong’s high brightness LED screen SH series is designed to allow people to watch 3D LED screens during their normal life events. The LED screens are easy to install, use, and maintain. They will save you power energy, installation structure, installation space, installation cost, transportation charges, and maintenance costs.

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