MI Series DesignMI Series is a family of fine pitch LED video wall displays, MI gives new meaning to multi-functionality and quick installation by offering front serviceability and a creative stackable design that eliminates cabinet-to-cabinet cabling and reduces the complexity of installation and vertical alignment.With a convenient 27" diagonal size, the all-in-one design fits a broad range of fine-pitch installation environments. MI is lightweight and easy to handle, enabling it to be an attr
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    Pixel Pitch (mm)0.9261.251.561.8752.5

    Module Size (mm) 300x168.5 300x168.5 300x168.5 300x168.5 300x168.5

    Module Resolution (dots) 324x180 240x135 192x108 160x90 120x68

    Cabinet Size (mm) 600x337.5x78 600x337.5x78 600x337.5x78 600x337.5x78 600x337.5x78

    Cabinet Resolution (dots) 648x360 480x270 384x216 320x180 240x136

    Cabinet Weight (kg) 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5

    Panel Resolution (WxH) 640x360 480x270 384x216 321X180 240X136

    Pixel Density (Pixel/㎡) 1,137,778 640,000 409,600 285,333 161,185

    Brightness (nits)600~800600~800600~800600~80

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