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SFC Series Design


SFC series die cast aluminum module LED display adopts reasonable structure, easy to realize maintenance, easy to save maintenance time and cost for customers. The better structural design makes the overall weight of this screen lighter and thinner.


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Strong Adaptability for Outdoor Environmental Condition

New Added Vent Valve

For the SFC series of LED display, a vent valve has added in the bottom of power box, it can adjust inner gas pressure, recoil temperature rise and balance inner environment.

Structural Hard Link, Wireless Design

The product structure is to adopt hard link, wireless design, its appearance is tidy and beautiful. It can work under the environment of seaside all the time.

Aluminum Profile Cabinet, Lightweight, Safety and Reliability, No Distortion

SFC series of LED display is to adopt aluminum profile cabinet, the weight of single
cabinet is just 25KG, display module is die-casting aluminum material, it is fire resistance,
no distortion even it is under the high environmental temperature.

Good Cooling Effect

The aluminum module has good thermal conductivity, which can quickly dissipate the heat inside the screen, without the need to install a fan, and can adapt to the harsher environmental conditions outdoors.

Easy to Implement Front and Rear Maintenance
SFC series die cast aluminum module LED display adopts reasonable structure, easy to realize maintenance, easy to save maintenance time and cost for customers.

High Refresh, High Grey Scale
Ultra high gray level 16bit above, ultra high refresh 3840Hz above, the display picture is fine and true, the brightness is stable and uniform, no flicker, no granular feeling.

Drive Solutions
It has the function of blanking the top and bottom of the column, high refresh rate, the first row is dark to improve, low gray to improve the color, and the pitting point to improve the lamp function.

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Parameter Model
Model SFC57 SFC10
Pixel Composition 2727 3-in-1 LED 1R1G1B
Pixel Pitchmm 5.7mm 10mm
Module ResolutionW×H 84*56=4704dots 48*32=1536dots
Module Sizemm 480*320 480*320
Module Weightkg 2 2
Input Voltage for ModuleV 3.8 4.2
The Max Current for ModuleA 25 25
The Max Power for ModuleW 95 131
Module Qty/CabinetW×H 2*3 2*3
Cabinet ResolutionW×H 168*168=28224 96*96=9216
Cabinet Sizemm 960*960 960*960
Cabinet Aream2 0.9216 0.9216
Cabinet Weightkg 23 26
Cabinet Densitydots/m2 30625 dots/m² 10000dots/m²
Cabinet Evennessmm 0.5 0.5
Maintenance Method Front and Rear Front and Rear
Cabinet Material Die cast aluminum Die cast aluminum
Single Dot Brightness Amended Yes Yes
Single Dot Color Amended Yes Yes
White Balance Brightnessnits 5500 5500
Color TemperatureK 9000-13000, adjustable 5500-10000, adjustable
Visual AngleHorizontal/Vertical 140°/120° 140°/120°
Brightness / Colorful Evenness 99% 99%
Contrast Ratio 5000:1 5000:1
The Max Power ConsumptionW/m² 650 650
Average Power ConsumptionW/m² 218 230
Input Voltage (V) 200-240 200-240
FrequencyHz 60 60
IC Driving 1/7 Scanning 1/2 Scanning
Grayscale It is available within 65536
Refreshing RatioHz 3840
Color Processor 12 bit
Lifespanhrs 100,000 H
Work Temperature/Humidity(℃/RH -10-50/10%-98% (Non Condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity(℃/RH -20-60/10%-98% (Non Condensing)





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