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MIT Series Design


Full indoor service cabinet design, attach on the wall without space


Fast and Easy Maintenance

Full indoor service cabinet design, attact on the wall without space.

Data Redundancy & Current Sharing Backup

90° Seamless Splicing

Right angle seamless splicing, can be designed into a creative cube LED display.



Calibration Data Storage

MIT Series module has memory. Calibration data can be stored in every module. When replacing defected module with new module, receiving card will read back calibration data from new module. It prevents color and brightness difference after module replacement.High Refresh & High Grayscale

As PWM IC driver was applied on MIT Series, it enhances visual refresh rate by reinforcing pulse wave width and dividing conducting time. Besides, GCLK frequency multiplier increases GCLK frequency to realize doubling refresh rate.


Various Installation Methods Available


Pixel Pitch MIT 1.579 MIT 1.67 MIT 1.875 MIT 2 MIT 2.5 MIT 3
Cabinet Resolution (dots) 304*304 288*288 256*256 240*240 192*192 160*160
Pixel Density (dots/m²) 401,111 360,000 284,444 250,000 160,000 111,111
Cabinet Dimension (mm) 480*480*65 480*480*65 480*480*65 480*480*65 480*480*65 480*480*65
Max. Power ( w/m²) 680 680 570 520 520 550
Avg. Power 230 230 200 170 170 190
Brightness (nits) ≥600 ≥600 ≥600 ≥800 ≥900 ≥900
Refresh Rate (Hz) ≥3840
Driver Mode Constant Current Driver
Color Depth (bit) 14
Viewing Angle (H°) 160
Viewing Angle (V°) 140
AC Power Input (V) AC100~ 240
AC Power Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight ( kg) 5.5
Operating Temperature -10℃~45℃
Installation Type Front Installation
Cabinet Maintenance Front Maintenance



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