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Smart Conference


· Available Size: 55/65/75/85inch
· Infrared Touch Technology with Minimum 20 Points
· Surface Morse grade 7 Anti-glare Tempered Glass
· 4K Ultra-HD ScreenSupport
· Dual System Android OS + Windows OS2.4G/5G Wireless Network



Interactive Meeting Board-Series B

  • Available Size: 55/65/75/85inch
  • Infrared Touch Technology with Minimum 20 Points
  • Surface Morse grade 7 Anti-glare Tempered Glass
  • 4K Ultra-HD Screen
  • Support Dual System Android OS + Windows OS
  • 2.4G/5G Wireless Network
  • Support Multiple User’s Wireless Screen Share
  • Support Multifunctional Interactive Whiteboard Software
  • Solutions Provided for Education & Conference
  • Available Size: 55/65/75/85inch

Interactive Meeting Board-Series B

Payment Terms& Conditions

1. Price Term: EXW price
2. Payment Term: 100% T/ T
3. Production Time: about 5-7days
4. Warranty: 1 year
5. Expire Time: 15 Days

✓ Morse grade 7 Anti-glare Tempered Glass
✓ Android System: 648Android 8.0 system, 3G RAM, 32G ROM
✓ WIN 10 System: I5 CPU, 4G RAM, 128G SSD,Genuine Software
✓ 2.4G/5G Wireless Network
✓ Wireless Screen Share Device
✓ Whiteboard Software
✓ Wall Bracket,Touch Pens





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