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MSC Series Design

MSC(55/65/75/85/98 inch)

LED Poster, as known as “digital poster”, is a highly integrated and portable LED display developed by Milestrong. Euipped with world-leading technology and face recognition function, numerous LED Poster are widely applied in various fields, including but not limited to exhibitions, clothing, hotels, govenment agencies and shopping malls.





MSC Series Design Features


Screen Cascading


6pcs P2.5mm LED Poster can be cascaded into aspect ratio picture with a resolution of 1355×756.
6pcs P1.9mm LED Poster can be cascaded into 16:9 aspect ratio picture with a resolution of 1728×972.


HD Image Quality


  • 2.5mm/1.9mm pixel pitch
  • Refresh rate ≥2880Hz
  • 4000:1 contrast ratio
  • High color reproduction
  • 60fps frame rate
  • Brightness at 800/1000nits, 3 times brighter than LCD display


Face Recognition & Intelligent Management

  • Automatically identify customer groups
  • Intelligently analyze business opportunity
  • Accurately switch advertisement
  • Greatly improve shopping experience


Synchronous/Asynchronous System

  • Free play at anytime, anywhere
  • Real time play by connecting to network
  • The content can be controlled by fixed or portable Windows
  • The content can be updatedand stored in built-in media player through WiFi or USB to achieve asynchronous play

Synchronous/Asynchronous System


Face Recognition & Intelligent Management

Face Recognition & Intelligent Management






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