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Digital Signage Solution

We have all the solutions for LED displays here! In this post, we focus on Digital Signage Solution for you.

What Are Digital Signage Solutions?

What Are Digital Signage Solutions?

Digital signage dynamically broadcasts digital audiovisual content to multiple screens in different locations to deliver information such as weather forecasts, news, wayfinding information, alerts, emergency information or business content. This technology is becoming increasingly important as it helps keep customers, citizens, travelers and visitors informed in real time.

What Are The Different Types of Digital Signage?

Digital display systems come in a wide range of sizes and resolutions. Large format displays are usually mounted on the wall like an endcap in a store, but can also be placed on the floor for trade shows or exhibitions. Shop and trade show digital signage systems often use HDMI inputs so that you can connect to any computer directly or play advertisements from a thumb drive. Others have touchscreen capabilities so customers can interact with product information or even place orders when connected to the internet. The other main type of display system is point-of-purchase (POP), which are used mainly in stores because they are smaller and don’t take up as much space as their larger counterparts.

It’s affordable, easy to place in any setting and you have control over what information is displayed at any time. The five most common types of digital signage include:

1. Indoor Digital Signage

Indoor digital signage is a way to reach your customers with ads and information in real-time. Without any special skills or installation costs, it’s a great way for businesses and organizations to connect with those around them who may not necessarily visit their physical location. It also gives you the ability of getting your brand out there 24/7 instead of being limited to specific times when outdoor signs are up or magazines come out.

The indoor digital signage application is widely used for commercial advertising, entertainment and information display.

Types of indoor digital signage:

2. Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage display is a powerful marketing tool for presenting your message to the public. With the use of digital signage, you can get updated content such as weather, movie times and so much more. Display your ads in HD on outdoor digital displays for people to see from afar and attract more attention from passersby.
With its touchscreen display and remote control you can even play games with your visitors by displaying the latest scores or popular photos while they wait in line. Whether you want to promote your business, advertise new products or services, raise awareness of community events, or even just get people talking about an important cause, outdoor digital signage is a cost-effective and impactful way to accomplish it all.

Types of outdoor digital signage

3. Interactive Digital Boards

An interactive digital board is a new type of display that lets you interact with your audience in a unique way. This innovative touch screen technology allows participants to quickly and easily complete activities, answer multiple choice questions and provide instant feedback using their fingers on a large, vivid display.

Types of outdoor digital signage:

An interactive digital board allows teachers to transform the classroom by tapping into their students’ learning styles and sparking their creativity. Interactive whiteboards turn every class into a dynamic, engaging experience as students gain valuable skills that help them succeed in subjects such as science, math, language arts and more.

This lightweight and portable interactive digital board, makes it easy to start or end a meeting on time, by displaying your agenda, or announcing the next item. The bright and crisp display works perfectly in any light conditions, allowing you to focus on your presentation, illustrate your ideas and tell a story, all while increasing engagement with audience members and improving recall of key points.

4. LCD Video Walls

The LCD Video Wall is a highly flexible and cost-effective way to present high quality information. The wall consists of a series of individual screens that can be configured in nearly any way you need. The pixel width of each screen can also be adjusted depending on how detailed or overview you want your content to be.

Maximize your marketing investment with an LCD video wall. Get the biggest impact for your business with the power of video in a full-color digital display. Now you can deliver your message to more people at once, with an efficient and cost-effective solution that’s easy to set up and operate.

5. Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic shelf label is a cost-effective and easy to install advertising display that can be placed anywhere on your store shelves. The shelf edge LCD display is the perfect solution for in-store promotions, or branded sales displays on checkout counters. The shelf edge display enhances brand awareness and visibility by engaging customers with your marketing message in an engaging way at the point of purchase.

With a slim design that fits discreetly into narrow spaces. The low-profile construction makes them easy to install and remove, with no need for temporary infrastructure.

Where Can You Use The Digital Signage?

Advertising Networks

In this era of dynamic advertising, companies must reliably deliver content that evolves with customer requirements and engages audiences with targeted messages and innovative formats.

Digital signage is ubiquitous as a content delivery vehicle, delivering a variety of messages to audiences anywhere, anytime. Meet these needs and generate revenue by leveraging Milestrong’s deep experience in thousands of deployments and dynamically managed services around the world to support ongoing ad network operations. 

  1. Milestrong solves technical problems and provide reliable connectivity to ensure your ad network is always on.
  2. From passive content loops to targeted messaging based on geography, demographics or data. We design flexible and scalable solutions based on your needs.
  3. Maximize revenue and impact. From small deployments to large ad network systems, delivering successful in- and out-of-home ad networks in terms of strategy, content, deployment and monitoring solutions.

Information Visualization

The goal of information visualization varies by client and industry, but the ultimate goal is to enhance attention to information content by placing data in a visual context. Retail clients may use artistic representations of information screens to engage customers and inspire purchase action, while enterprise clients want to see important data to streamline communication, decision-making and productivity.

With over 10 years experience in digital signage solution, Milestrong offers comprehensive data visualization solutions that include impactful front-end delivery and streamlined back-end management.

Digital Catering Menus

Deliver an elevated dining experience from a single platform that will keep your guests focused, informed and entertained. Expand your outreach to your audience with a digital signage system. Manage your restaurant’s menu items behind the scenes with our screens and seamlessly present mouth-watering food images, happy hour offers and ongoing events on the big screen.

Retail Store Promotion

Retail digital signage enhances customer engagement and interaction, effectively differentiating brand and promotional messages from competitors. Using our specially designed retail digital signage software naturally enhances your ability to better promote your products, upsell your services, and create new ways to better connect with your customers.

By strategically using retail digital signage to reach your customers at every key moment of their shopping journey! With retail digital signage, you can dynamically create, manage and communicate your entire advertising message, from your store entrance to product displays, and you can use digital signage to effectively reach and engage with your customers at every point of contact. The possibilities for using digital signage in retail are endless!


Help your visitors know where they’re going and find their destination more easily with a comprehensive and thoughtful touchscreen map and directory.

Whether it’s a single building floor or an entire mall, our expert engineers and designers can customize a wayfinding system to meet your demands, showing a visual path from the kiosk to your destination. Milestrong can also quickly locate a particular retail store, elevator and restroom, reducing visitor confusion and enhancing visitor experience and satisfaction.


Healthcare is one of the newest industries to join the digital signage club. Hospitals seeking ways to maximize returns are working to make the patient experience as seamless as possible.

In addition, healthcare marketing through digital signage is proving its merits in many cases. More importantly, digital signage has become a medium for facilitating telemedicine and teleconsultations.


The interactive digital board for education is a colorful interactive board that offers teachers and students an engaging tool for group learning. The bright, responsive surface is ideal for teaching children in the classroom or during meetings, and it’s also useful for planning presentations and brainstorming during adult training sessions.

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