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Pentacle Display


LED video signs are assembled with special LED modules of different specifications. They are not limited by the size of the screen and can be flexibly assembled into text, graphics(such as triangles Display/ Pentacles Display) and LOGO that customers need.

LED video signs


Item Description
Pixel Pitch 4mm
Configuration 1R1G1B
LED Package SMD2121
Scan Method 16s
Size Diameter 2.6m
Resolution 62,499
Brightness 600-800nits
Area 4.3㎡
Weight 100kg
Gray Scale 14bit
Input Voltage 220V
Frame Rate 50/60HZ
Refresh Rate 1920Hz/3840Hz
Color Temperature 3200k~9500k
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%
Lifetime ≥100,000 hours

“ Any size and pixel pitch can be provided by MileStrong”



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