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Control Room Solution

We have all the solutions for LED displays here! In this post, we focus on Control Room LED display for you.

Control Room Solution

Control Room Solution

Monitoring Multiple Information Streams More Efficiently

Monitoring, emergency response, command operations, and process recording are the responsibility of control rooms. In the application of control room, large screen display system usually needs to collect and process real-time data and video signals from all over the country to realize screen display, centralized management, and massive information control.

In these settings, multifunctional video wall and large screen display play an important role in the control room, providing high-resolution images for operators, enabling decision-makers to judge, make decisions, and command the current situation and expected changes.

Must-Haves for Control Room Video Wall Solution

Any Content, Any Place, Any Time

No matter where your information source is, our network control room solution allows you to grab some relative information with the combination of sound and image. Milestrong advanced system offers flexibility and convenience, allowing a multitude of input sources to be efficiently distributed over many LED displays, ensuring operators have a holistic view of any situation that happened in real-time, and can quickly and easily interface with a wide variety of information sources, and simultaneously view, listen to and interact with the data.

Achieve the HD/UHD Visual Effects and Control Demand You Need

Whatever the size or shape of the monitor you are considering, Milestrong offers a comprehensive range of control room display solutions. Our LCD panels and LED video wall are high performance and low-maintenance, the seamless integration of video wall controllers and power image processor allows operators to realize innovative monitoring functions and whole process control.

High Performance Ensuring 7/24 Operation

The control room video wall must have a redundant fail-safe power supply to ensure all-weather operation. It should be noted that not all display manufacturers provide products with redundant power supplies. Redundancy is sometimes provided by standby generators or automatic switching to different circuits.

With 200% reliability assured by power & data redundancy, Milestrong ensures the continuous operation of the video wall screen around the clock.

Customized Control Room Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

We have rich experience in designing control room schemes for numerous industries, such as transportation, security, Telecom & IT, utilities, and so on. we are well equipped to handle any customized needs whether it is to build a new control room or reconstruct the existing one.

What Milestrong Offers

Facing different installation environments, the installation methods of LED transparent screen are also different. The common installation methods of LED transparent screen include hoisting, fixed installation and base installation. Among them, hoisting is common in the fields of stage beauty and exhibition hall, and fixed installation is common in the fields of curtain wall and so on.

1. 8K High Performance Visual Effect

For some special industries, it is necessary to interpret the details of the monitoring picture, which requires higher screen resolution. Milestrong provides 8K LED screen solution in the control room, with unparalleled picture clarity and detail presentation, making the monitoring process easier and more accurate.

2. Noiseless Operation

Ultra silent operation, good heat dissipation effect.

3. Stable Transmission Quality

7×24 hours of trouble free operation, easy maintenance and long service life.
The signal source can be switched arbitrarily without black screen and delay.

4. Real Time Seamless Signal Switching

Access multiple and complex signals and on-screen display to realize centralized control and synchronous linkage of various functional subsystems;

Support the simultaneous pre monitoring of all input signals, support the pre monitoring of layout mode, and push the signal on the screen.

5. More Convenient Control

Seamless distributed video splicing system based on network transmission, supporting multi hall linkage and low expansion cost.

Preset a variety of layouts, which can be switched with one key. Theoretically, there is no limit on the number of layouts, and it can support active and standby dual system control.

You can customize the area, divide, overlay and roam arbitrarily, and the screen can be scaled adaptively according to the size of the area.

6. Seamless HD Display

The display screen of large-size seamless splicing video wall is flat, with good appearance, point-to-point matching, common display signal sources in the control room, and stable signal output quality.

Low brightness and high gray technology optimization, strong sense of detail in the dark part of the screen, high-definition and high fidelity display quality of all kinds of videos and complex graphics and texts, and no harm to the eyes after watching for a long time.

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