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Case - Transparent LED Display

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8㎡ Transparent Glass Window LED Display for Retail Store

Have you been looking for a solution that doesn’t affect the layout of the glass interior, and looks simple and beautiful? The transparent glass window LED display can help you do this.

The transparent LED screen fits perfectly with the glass interior, not blocking the view. This method can attract customers passing by, present the advertisement to them and reinforce the brand effect.

With our transparent glass window LED display, you can show off all of your products to every customer who walks by. In our tests, when we used the screens to display videos. We saw a 6.3% increase in revenue–and that’s with customers who were just walking by and stopped in on a whim!

retail store outdoor LED transparent screen

This retail store uses a transparent LED screen of STA series with a viewing area of 4M*2M and a dot pitch of 3.9-7.8.

STA series design is a high tech type of LED display. It can work in large area and normally is build with processed glass. Transparent LED Screen also named as Transparent led video panel or Glass panel Display. It means any physical product to show video which your eyes can through the content inside of product.

The transparent glass window LED display is a modular design, which can be configured in any combination. The panel has extremely high transparency of over 75%. Which makes it ideal for use in retail stores, commercial spaces and any other location where a high level of transparency is required.

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