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Case - Transparent LED Display

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120㎡ Transparent Glass LED Display For Mall

Why should you install a  transparent glass LED display for shopping mall?

A transparent glss LED display is a unique, attention-grabbing way to advertise your mall’s brand!

mall outdoor LED transparent screen case mall outdoor LED transparent screen 2

This mall transparent glass LED display uses STB series transparent screen. The STB series transparent LED screen is specifically designed to be used with a glass display. The screen has a visible area of 10M*6M and a dot pitch of 7.8, which means the screen will be easily visible from long distances, and the images displayed on it will be crisp and colorful.

You can use your transparent LED screen to advertise current sales and promotions at stores in your mall, advertise upcoming events that will be taking place in your mall, or just advertise your mall’s brand in general.

Of course, you can also ask him to play some cool videos.



No matter how you decide to use your transparent screen, it’s sure to attract the attention of passersby and draw them into your mall!

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