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Case - Transparent LED Display

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350㎡ Transparent Flexible LED Screen for Riverside Square

it's Riverside Square is a work of art

The LED lighting body installed in Riverside Square is a work of art, to say the least. It’s a landmark for the square, and its colorful lighting effects bring an uplifting energy to the area after dark. The transparent flexible LED screen will play a set of predefined light shows every evening at a certain time. Creating a sense of comfort and fun for people who are out in the park enjoying their evening.

LED lighting body is divided into 3 groupsLED lighting body is divided into 3 groups 2  LED lighting body is divided into 3 groups -3

This LED lighting body is composed of 2 types of Milestrong LED displays. It is divided into 3 groups. The upper and lower 2 groups are composed of STC series, transparent flexible LED screen with P150mm, the actual visual area of about 300 square meters. The middle group is composed of STB series, with a point spacing of 7.8 and a viewing area of about 50 square meters.

All three groups are connected into one network at the back end. And the entire light body can be controlled remotely via the Internet without having to add any equipment locally on site or relying on personnel to operate it locally. It has realized remote control management and maintenance at any time, anywhere!

This LED lighting body can be used in any environment and will hold up to any conditions(rain or shine). And they’re environmentally friendly because they don’t use any toxic materials.

The transparent flexible LED screen can be programmed to display different images at different times of day. Or it can be used to create an immersive experience for people who are viewing it. You can even use the lighting body as part of a series of displays that create a larger image or design!

The possibilities are endless. Our cooperation is also, and we hope we can serve you soon.

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