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Case - Transparent LED Display

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Shanghai World Trade Center large LED background wall

When you are in the city of Shanghai. You will be able to see a huge building that is very impressive – This is the Shanghai World Trade Center。

The building was already a landmark in Shanghai.When you’re walking through the building, every detail is impressive—and the LED background wall is no exception.


The Shanghai World Trade Center has installed one of our oversized screens to transform their venue into a work of art, and the effect is incredible. Passersby have been stopped in their tracks by the visual effect shown by the oversized LED transparent screen. It’s brought great ornamental effect to everyone who catches a glimpse of it.

This LED background wall is not used for advertising purposes, but instead as an artistic backdrop. The curved LED transparent screen in this showroom is an STB series with a visible area of 20M*10M and a dot pitch of 15.6.

Details about STB Series can be found here:STB Series Design

The use of large LED transparent screens is a fantastic way to create stunning, eye-catching visuals for your business. And whether you’re looking for a modern effect or a traditional one, this screen will deliver.

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