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Case - Transparent LED Display

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Science and Technology Museum work area LED transparent screen

The Science and Technology Museum is a place where you can see, touch and experience science and technology. In the Science and Technology Museum, there are many hands-on experiences and interactive exhibitions in addition to the exhibition of various scientific instruments.

One of the main attractions of the Science and Technology Museum office area is its transparent LED screen. This transparent screen is installed on the window of the 2nd floor. It usually shows various contents in the afternoon or evening to guide visitors.

When staff work here in the afternoon or evening, this LED transparent screen will not interfere with their work environment. At the same time, this LED screen can provide visitors with more content through videos and pictures. The information that can be displayed on this transparent LED screen is:

  • An introduction to the museum
  • Promotional videos

With this additional content, visitors can interact with more of the museum, giving them a better idea of what they can expect to see during their visit. They’ll be able to explore a bit more before they even set foot in any of our exhibits.

This LED transparent screen is made of STJ series products. The LED visible area is 10M*2.5M. This STJ series transparent screen has a dot pitch of 3.9-7.8mm, which ensures excellent display effect without affecting internal work efficiency.

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