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Case - Transparent LED Display

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hotel ceiling LED square screen

The hotel ceiling LED square screen is one of the most useful and advanced products presented in the hotel industry. This square screen can be viewed from any angle in the hotel, and it allows for the perfect reproduction of pictures and videos.

Whether it is for advertising purposes or visual presentation of the hotel, this LED square screen can be easily realized. It brings enough attention to every visitor who enters the hotel.

hotel ceiling LED square screen hotel ceiling LED square screen case hotel ceiling LED square screen solution

This LED square transparent screen is STB series with a visual area of 70㎡ (2M*3.5M/8M*3.5M) and a dot pitch of P7.8. This LED screen gives one more possibility to achieve more visual effects in hotel design.

Our LED screens are completely transparent, so they let the natural light through while also showcasing your designs and images. Whether you want to use our screens for advertising purposes or just a way to display the hotel’s mission statement and logo, we can help.

We’ve already worked with dozens of hotels throughout the world. And helped them achieve greater visual effects and bring attention to their brands. We would love to come and evaluate your hotel space. Take measurements and determine what kind of screen would work best for you.

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