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Case - Transparent LED Display

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188.4㎡ Hanging Cylindrical LED Screen for Shopping Mall

In a shopping mall, there is definitely a large cylindrical LED screen hanging in the center of the roof. This large screen is not only eye-catching, but also has high commercial value.

The display effect of these super large hanging cylindrical LED screen is very impressive. No matter where you are on the floor of the mall, you will be caught by this large LED display.

It can display a variety of expressions such as welcome messages, holiday wishes, and commercial advertisements of the mall.

Cylindrical LED screen Schematic diagram Cylindrical LED screen installation Cylindrical LED screens test

This shopping mall uses a transparent screen of STD series with 4M diameter, 15m height and 7.8 dot pitch.

The STD series adopts a cylindrical ceiling design, and the 360° panoramic view can brings innovation right into your space.

STD series flexible frame supports curved installation, and a more suitable installation angle can be customized according to the location. The width of each LED light bar is between 1.56-4mm, and the transparency can reach between 65%~95%.

Do you need a visual feast like this in the mall? Get in touch with us and we will customize a unique solution for you.

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