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Case - Transparent LED Display

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1080㎡ Creative Curved Transparent LED Display for Mega Mall

You can have the best mall in the world, and you can put a lot of thought into your decor. But at the end of the day. If you’re not advertising your brand to passers-by, you’re not maximizing your marketing potential.

But don’t worry! We’ve got a solution. With our STS curved transparent LED display, you can mount our screens on glass windows and let sunlight shine through. It’s eye-catching without being overwhelming and will allow you to get your brand noticed by passers-by without obstructing their view.

Outdoor wave LED display for mega mall

This is the perfect way to attract new customers, give existing customers a great impression of how well you’ve done with your mall’s design, and strengthen your brand’s impact on consumers’ minds.

Take this new mall in China Changsha as an example: The mall is using STS series wave LED display with a viewing area of 120M*9M and a dot pitch of 15.6. The large-size curved transparent LED display enables people enjoy it at any angle within 80m away from the screen and makes it more attractive than traditional static billboards, which makes it easier for consumers to stop and look at the ads displayed on them, thus increasing consumers’ attention.

STS series LED display features:

  • Lightweight:The transparent LED screen with hollow strip design is more flexible and approximately 3x lighter than the non-transparent LED display box structure.
  • Thickness:The thickness of the light board is 2-3mm, and the minimum width of the power box is 50mm.
  • Customized:The flexible frame supports curved transparent LED display solution, and a more suitable installation angle can be customized according to the location.

Maybe you also have customers who need to provide this kind of shocking LED display effect, now contact us! We can provide you with a free LED display solution.

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