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Case - Transparent LED Display

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Curved LED transparent screen in enterprise showroom

Installing a large curved LED transparent screen in the foyer of your enterprise showroom. Will make an unforgettable first impression on visitors.

Imagine if your company’s promotional video was playing on the screen as visitors entered your showroom. It would give them an immediate sense of the quality and professionalism of your business and leave you with plenty of time to offer a warm greeting and provide information about your company’s offerings.

In addition to a promotional video, you can also use this screen to display welcome messages, holiday wishes, and more! The screen is fully customizable and allows for easy content changes so you can keep your message fresh.

With a wide, 10m × 3m visible area and a dot pitch ranging from 3.9mm to 7.8mm, this large curved LED display is a stunning addition to any interior space.

The showroom curved LED transparent screen is a beautiful and functional option. That will provide you with a way to showcase your company like never before.

Do you want a custom curved LED transparent display like this for your showroom? Contact us and let the engineers design a perfect solution for you!

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