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Case - Transparent LED Display

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Club atmosphere background wall

In the experience of the club the scene atmosphere is very important to the customer’s sensory experience. The atmosphere is built through stage lighting, stage props, sound effects and other means. The stage effect light is one of the most capable tools for creating a strong atmosphere in the live performance scene.

Every Club biggest problem is how to take the audience’s visual experience to a higher level.

Now there is STB transparent screen that can be solved.

The transparent screen can be set on the stage wall to create a stage atmosphere environment for live performance. The cool stage effect stimulates the visual nerve of every customer.

With various forms of expression, our LED transparent screens are suitable for various light music pubs / electro music parties and other places that need to set the atmosphere.

This Club atmosphere background wall uses the transparent screen of STB series, with a visible area of 4M*6M (*2) and a dot pitch of 10.4.

The STB series has the following features:

  1. Lightweight
    The LED transparent screen with hollow strip design is more flexible and approximately 3x lighter than the non-transparent LED display box structure.
  2. Thickness
    The thickness of the light board is 2-3mm, and the minimum width of the power box is 50mm.
  3. Customized
    The flexible frame supports curved installation, and a more suitable installation angle can be customized according to the location.
  4. Transparency
    The width of each LED light bar is between 1.56-4mm, and the transparency can reach between 65%-95%.
  5. Easy installation
    Modular connectivity with lightweight design makes installation much more convenient and reduce labor costs.
  6. Easy to maintaince
    The transparent LED screen is more convenient to maintain than the traditional display screen. When the light bar or lamp bead is damaged, only the corresponding light board needs to be replaced. Which has high flexibility and low maintenance cost.

    If you want to create a magical live performance atmosphere, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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