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Case - Transparent LED Display

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Building whole wall LED transparent screen

Do you want to know what’s hot right now? A huge, stunning LED transparent screen covering the side of a building.

This is exactly what this building has, and it is a super large advertising screen. In fact, if you look around the world, you cannot find many such stunning LED advertising screens.

This LED wall is made of STM series products. The LED viewing area is 20M*55M, and the dot pitch is 31.25.

This LED transparent screen does not affect the lighting of the interior. At the same time, from the interior to look out, he will not be like a wall to completely block your view.

If you want a huge and stunning wall LED transparent screen that can also be used as an advertising screen to enhance your business image, then this is what you want!

Of course, if you are a project developer. Build a big advertising screen like this one, which can get you huge advertising revenue continuously!

This super large LED transparent screen is a revolution in the world of advertising.

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